The Rage: Hell's Disciples MC 3(2)

By: Jaci J

“Will you four fucktards shut the fuck up ‘n move this assholes body already?” Tank grumbles. He sure is one moody asshole.

It’s midnight, cold as shit, and we’re in this old ass abandoned building, freezing our nuts off, but this asswipe deserved more than just a swift death, so we made sure that he got what was comin’ to him.

“What do ya think would hit the ground first if I dropped it from up there? His head or an egg?” Gin asks, nodding up at the rafters above us. Shaking my head, I can’t help but laugh at the shit that comes out of his stupid ass mouth. Although it may seem a sick question, I can’t say that he doesn’t have my attention… I’m going with the head.

“Don’t know. How ‘bout ya cut his head off ‘n we try it?” I suggest.

“You cut it off man. That’s your shit,” he counters.

Just because I don’t mind being around blood, bones or separated appendages, doesn’t mean I want to grab a hacksaw and go choppin’ his head off.

“A buck fifty says his head hits the ground first,” Stitch announces while tossing a wad of crumpled bills onto the rusty tool bench.

“Nah, I got two hundred on the egg,” Crush adds, reaching into his pocket.

I can hear Tiny over by Tank, snickering. I know he wants in on this action too.

“So, one of you dickwads got an egg?” Sargent pipes up. No, but that don’t mean one of us aren’t willing to go hit up a store for one.

“You fucks are gonna make Happy throw up. Look, he’s turning green just hearing about it, so will ya just shut the fuck up?” Tank pipes in.

We ignored Tank and went on as planned, but let’s just say our little bet didn’t work out well. Tank was right, Happy got fucking sick on us. Gin broke a pair of pliers, and Stitch almost fell out of the goddamn rafters; It’s time to call it a night.

“Let’s get the fuck outta here,” Tiny grumbles as we hear a few distant sirens grow closer by the second.

“Come on guys. Just one more…” Gin begs like a little bitch.

“Shut the fuck up ‘n get on your goddamn bike. You lookin’ forward to prison, brother?” Throwing a leg over my bike, I’m ready to get the fuck outta here, but not before I yell out, “Gin, you got dibs on our next guy, okay?”

I can’t help but laugh when I hear Tank groan.

“Whatever.” What a fucking crybaby.

Urging them the fuck along, I say, “Let’s get the fuck home before we all get arrested.”


I’m pretty damn tired now, and it’s nice and warm up here. I should probably take a shower and get my ass to bed, but I just can’t get my lazy ass up off this floor. Tank had us going all goddamn night, freezing our balls off out in the middle of nowhere, taking out assholes one by one. My hands are sore and my back is stiff, but it’s these comfortable as fuck, frilly ass throw pillows that are keeping me in this spot. I swear I couldn’t be happier about all this pretty shit Lil insists on putting in this dump of a place, so I think I’ll stay right the fuck here, with the lights out and the TV on. Besides, walking down those stairs would be too much motherfucking work.

“What one do you want next?” Lil asks me from the couch I’m leaning against. It’s two in the goddamn morning and all of us are up here in the loft, watching a horror movie-thon, as Lil calls it. I’m surprised we can even hear the TV with Stitch and Cali on the other end of the couch, being fucking gross. No one needs to hear or see that shit. Ty is right there in his crib sleeping for God’s sake. What if he wakes up and sees that shit? It could scar his little mind for life.

I had better shit to do when I got here; fucking a whore being one, but here I am instead, giving into Lil’s obsession of horror movies. She has a way of doing that shit to you, ya know? One second you’re bullshittin’ with her, and the next you’re doing somethin’ for her. It’s really fucked up of her to do that kinda shit.

“Fuck if I know. I don’t know shit about scary movies, Sis,” I tell her.

Apparently my lack of movie knowledge is annoying to her.

“Here,” Lil says with a bit of attitude. She tosses Stitch the next movie, putting a stop to his obscene make out session. It takes a minute for Stitch to stop sucking face, or whatever he’s got in his mouth, and get up to put the next movie in… Freddy.

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