Fated Love(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 4)(9)

By: Franca Storm

“Can you remove the block?” she asked.

“I need another to assist,” Michael said. He eyed Luca. “You possess enough of your father’s power.”

Luca shook his head. “He withdrew all my magical abilities right before he left me to die.”


“We’ll just have to find someone else.”

“Who?” Michael snapped. “Cora knows plenty of white witches but we need dark energy to break this. It was created by white magic. Dark magic is needed to counteract it and destroy it. There is no one else powerful enough.”

“That’s not entirely true,” a voice boomed through the still night.

A rush of ice-cold air swirled around the three of them. And then Nathanial and Haraz stood before them.

Everyone was silent for a few awkward moments.

Nathanial was the one who finally broke the tension as he addressed Cora, “I see you took it upon yourself to save my son from his fate.”

“I—” Cora began.

But he smiled and said, “I knew you would.”

“What?” Cora asked, surprised.

“I knew your affection for him, as a result of the betrothal bond, would be strong enough that you wouldn’t be able to let him die. I saw it in your eyes the moment I suspended him before the window to face the sunlight, or so he’d believed was my intention.”

“You engineered this?” Luca asked. “You didn’t really intend to kill me then?”

“I’ve considered it many times, Luca. You haven’t made it easy for me to forgo that option either, over the years. But…no…it was intended as a scare tactic. It was one last ditch attempt to make you see your true place in things. I knew it would take extreme measures to achieve that—forcing you to stare death in the eye and having you truly believe you would die.”

“I don’t understand. You wanted this? You wanted the princess to save me so I would ally myself with her?”

“For you to finally realize your true path and to work with us instead of against us. It’s a shame I had to go to such extreme measures. It was either that, or really ending your existence. This was your last chance.” He turned to Michael. “And where do you stand?” It wasn’t so much a question as it was a threat.

Shocking them all, Michael lowered himself to his knees before him. “You are my King. I no longer covet your throne, your majesty. I only desire a place in your Kingdom, if you can find it within you to forgive my crimes.”

“Treason is what you are asking me to forgive,” Nathanial growled.

Michael kept his head bowed as he murmured, “I know, your majesty.”

“An offense punishable by death.”

Michael trembled at his words.

“Do you understand that your magic could never overpower mine, wizard? That I am and will always be your King?”

“Yes. Yes, your majesty.”

Nathanial stepped closer to him and snarled, “Do you also understand that I could kill you with a snap of my fingers? That is how great my power truly is. You are insignificant in that regard.”

Cora caught Haraz’s eye and he winked at her. She smiled to herself. Nathanial was messing with Michael, instilling the fear of God in him. She glanced at Luca and saw he was taken in by Nathanial’s threats. He was scared shitless.

Nathanial stepped back from Michael and commanded, “Rise.”

“You…forgive me?” Michael asked, surprised.

“Of course not. I am not a fool. Whether or not I drive a stake through your heart will depend on how well you fare in the coming days. If you betray any of us, I will not hesitate. And make no mistake, you will not see it coming until your bones are already decomposing to dust.”

Michael shivered at his words. “Yes…I understand, your majesty.”

Nathanial eyed Luca. “Luca?”

“Yes. Yes, I understand also, father.”

“Michael, I assume your change of heart is due in large part to the recent turn of events?” Nathanial asked.

Michael nodded.

“What turn of events?” Cora asked.

“Luca, show her,” Nathanial commanded.

“Show me what? What is going on?”

“I’m sorry. I came into your bedroom last night to tell you, but then…well, you know,” Luca said. He lifted his white, silk shirt and gestured to his chest.

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