Fated Love(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 4)(7)

By: Franca Storm

“What are you—?”

His right hand clamped around her mouth, silencing her.

“No talking.”

And then he started to thrust into her hard. Brutally. Viciously. She whimpered into his hand.

“You’re gonna take what I give you and you’re gonna love it. You’re mine to do whatever I fucking want with.”

With his free hand, he raked his claws down her back, along her spine, drawing blood. She screamed into his hand and struggled in his grip, but he just kept fucking her.

“I fucking love dominating you. I control you, wife. You will accept it!” he roared. “You will accept me! You belong to a wolf, not a bloodsucker! I will fuck every thought of him out of you, whore!”

She shook her head vehemently.

“I’m gonna rip you apart until you submit to me,” he hissed in her ear. “Submit to me! I own you!” he bellowed ferociously. “Submit!”

Cora’s eyes snapped open and she shot up in bed. Oh my God! What was that?

She was startled to see Luca sitting on the edge of the bed, eyeing her worriedly.

“It was just a nightmare,” he told her softly, reaching out to comfort her.

She jerked away quickly. “Did you…did you do that?”

He shook his head, hurt flickering in his eyes at her accusation. “No, princess. I swear to you.”

“You…you didn’t?” she murmured, breathing hard and trying to rein in her panic.

“Princess, you are at full strength. Even if I wanted to, I cannot enter your dreams now.” He moved closer and wrapped his arms around her. “You are shaking,” he said, pulling her against him.

She let him hold her. She needed the comfort right now. She couldn’t believe what she’d just dreamed—what Ryan had done to her, what he’d wanted from her. She was still in a daze from it and she found herself murmuring, “I won’t submit. I won’t. I can’t.”

Luca tightened his arms around her. “Shh…it’s okay. It’s okay.”

“I can stop it…I can stop him.”

“Ryan?” he asked gently.

She nodded dazedly.

He kissed her chastely on the top of her head and told her soothingly, “Of course, princess. Your power is unmatched. You can stop anyone from doing anything to you. No one can harm you now.”

Cora couldn’t stop herself. She broke down and started to cry as Luca held her tightly against him and murmured words of comfort to her.


Cora zipped up her leather jacket against the chill of the cold wind. Her hands brushed the two stakes holstered at the hip of her leather pants. She fiddled with her hands, cracking her knuckles. She caught Luca’s eye and saw the concern there as he walked beside her.


“I am just concerned.”

“It was just a nightmare. I’m fine.”

“I know what you saw.”

She stopped in her tracks and her eyes narrowed. “What?”

He stood before her, blocking her path as he said, “When you were crying, your defenses were down. I saw your thoughts. I am sorry. I wanted to make sure you were okay…that what you had experienced was, in fact, just a dream and not something more like a premonition or that Ryan had entered your dreams and really committed what you’d dreamed he had.”

Cora felt her face flush crimson at the fact that he’d seen her dream. It meant he’d seen the two of them fucking one another and how much she’d…enjoyed it. Oh fuck.

Humor flashed in his eyes. “It is nice to know that you imagined me in such a way.”

She couldn’t suppress her own smile. “Yeah, well. It was just a dream, Luca.”

“It is how you view him and me right now.”


“I do not understand your fear towards him. He has no power over you. You hold all the power, princess.”

“I—we have a mission. Let’s just get to the meeting place.”

He grinned and waved his arms around. “We are already here, Cora.”

She scanned the area. And, sure enough, he was right. They’d arrived in the infamous alleyway. She reached out and felt what she’d expected—the invisible barrier at the entrance of the back alley.

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