Fated Love(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 4)(55)

By: Franca Storm

“I can turn her,” Luca spoke finally. Up until now he hadn’t said a word. Ryan figured he was in shock.

“What?” Ryan asked, lifting his head to see him now kneeling at Cora’s other side.

“I can turn her,” Luca repeated.

“No,” Marella said. “She will be a creature of the dark if you do that.”

“She’ll stay dead if I don’t.”

“Luca, to turn someone, they must still be alive,” Michael reminded him.

“A sorceress with her power always leaves behind some magical essence—some shred of life—for a brief period. It should be enough for the turning to work.”

“You want to vamp her?” Ryan asked, incredulous.

“Let her go, Luca,” Nathanial said. “It is what she wanted. You saw for yourself. She let the fire take her.”

“She wasn’t herself. She was devastated by losing her son.” He glared at Ryan accusingly as he added, “And other things.”

Ryan brought his hands to his face. Luca was right. He’d driven her to it. He’d hurt her. She’d been in too much pain and she’d lost control because he’d thrown the Jada thing in her face. Losing their son had pushed her over the edge.

“She won’t be the same if she becomes a vampire,” Ryan said worriedly.

“She also won’t be dead,” Luca shot back. “If I’m going to do this it has to be now. Her essence will dissipate quickly and then it will be impossible to turn her.”

“She’ll be sired to you if you turn her.”

“It’s either me or Michael. My father won’t do it. He’s against it.”

Nathanial let out a growl of displeasure and turned away. Despite his objections, Ryan could see that he understood it wasn’t his call to make. It was Ryan’s.

He hesitated.

“What will it be, Ryan?” Luca pressed.

Begin book five, Fated Blood.

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