Fated Love(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 4)(4)

By: Franca Storm

“Wooden stakes dipped in holy water,” Nathanial said, off Ryan’s look. “There have been many attempts on my life over the years. And you forget that I used to be a warrior before I took the throne.”

Ryan averted his gaze. “Right. Sorry. What’s happening, Nathanial?”

“I thought we had more time, that Oriana wouldn’t make her move in the Dark Realm quite yet. It is not her usual approach. I had assumed she would take her time enjoying the castle and reveling in her return to all of the wealth and power that it has to offer. But she has not. What’s happening here is a result of the Dark Realm beginning to fall.”

“What? She’s destroying the realm? How is it affecting the human realm?”

Nathanial hesitated and looked away.

Ryan gripped his arm, jerking him towards him as he growled, “Tell me.”

“If the Dark Realm falls, every creature that is a descendent of the dark—vampires, werewolves, all of them—will perish, regardless of which realm they are currently residing in.” He strode over to Josh and lifted his shirt. Ryan grimaced as he saw severe burns all over his chest. Nathanial told him, “These will feel like silver burning a wolf’s flesh. For vampires, sunlight. This is just the beginning. The burns will continue until they have melted through all flesh and organs. Until there is nothing left but a pile of bones.”

Ryan was without words. Fucking hell. Nathanial was talking about the damn apocalypse here.

“You said it would stop soon?” Shaye asked.

Nathanial released Josh and stood up. “Yes. Within a few minutes, I suspect. But it will only last until the next time Oriana destroys a foundational aspect of the realm.”

“A foundational aspect? What does that mean?” Ryan asked.

“A part of the realm that holds its lifeblood—pure dark energy. She is in the castle right now, as we know from Haraz. There is a room in the dungeon level that contains two orbs—spheres of dark energy. She must have destroyed one of them. There are five in all, hidden throughout the Dark Realm.”

“Let me guess, if she destroys them all, she destroys the Dark Realm?” Ryan said.


“Why didn’t you let us return to the Dark Realm as soon as she stormed the castle a couple of days ago like I’d suggested?”

“Because neither you, nor I, can defeat her,” Nathanial said, starting to pace the room anxiously. “And I miscalculated. I did not think she had the strength to destroy one of the orbs. It doesn’t make sense. Even with her black magic that she fuses with the white now, it’s not possible…unless…she must be drawing on another’s power…it would have to be someone of great power.” He stopped pacing abruptly and eyed Ryan gravely. “It is Vazra. She’s drawing on his power. It can be no one else. Michael isn’t strong enough to provide her with enough dark power. Only I am. It must be white. And the only other person strong enough to draw on outside of Vazra is Cora. She would not allow that. No, it is he. He is assisting her.”

“Why can’t you defeat her?” Ryan asked. “You’ve told me that your abilities are evenly matched.”

“Only a white sorceress can defeat another,” a voice came from the door suddenly.

Ryan turned to see Marella standing there.

Nathanial shook his head at her. “I can read your thoughts, angel. And it cannot be you. You cannot defeat her.”

“Nathanial, I am quite capable of—” she began to protest.

He cut her off, “I am sorry, angel. You are carrying my child—a child of the dark. Your magic is no longer pure. It will remain that way until you give birth.”

“Oh,” she murmured. She nodded slowly and she said, “Only pure white magic can defeat a white sorceress.”

“Yes, angel. I am sorry.” Nathanial then eyed Shaye and said, “Unfortunately, you are not strong enough, my dear.”

“It must be Cora,” Marella said.

Ryan and Nathanial locked eyes.

“Yes, it must,” Nathanial confirmed as he held his intense gaze. “But she is not ready yet. I must teach her how to rein in the unstable element of her magic…the evil.”

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