Booty Call(8)

By: Amy Brent

He sealed his lips around my clit and sucked softly, flicking his tongue lazily up and down over me and sending explosive shivers up and down my spine in kind. He felt incredible. How did he get so good at this? He lifted his gaze to meet mine and there was a flash of something in his eyes, a flash of something that told me everything I needed to know – that he wanted me, that he wanted this, that he would have done it all night if he had to. But I was already feeling the need for something more, something greater, and the feeling was starting to take me over. I tried to focus on the feel of his tongue against my pussy, but I needed more – I needed him inside me.

“Fuck me,” I gasped, reaching down and pushing his head away from my pussy for a moment so I could look him in the eyes. He cocked an eyebrow; his mouth was still glistening with my wetness, and he glanced down at my pussy and then back up at me.

“You sure?” He murmured, tracing his fingers down my thighs again. “I could do this a whole lot longer if you wanted me to…”

“Please,” I begged, and then tone of my voice seemed to draw something out in him that hadn’t been there before. “Please, I need to feel you inside me…

I wasn’t sure where this had come from. I had never been good at dirty talk before, but maybe that was just because I had never been around someone who drew it out in me in such an intense way, who filled me with a desire so deep that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. He got to his feet and kissed me again, tongue in my mouth, and I could taste myself on his lips and wondered how in the hell this was actually happening. But before I could think too deeply on that, he had pulled down his pants, pulled a condom from his pocket, and sheathed him quickly and deftly. I looked down at his erection – he was bigger than I was used to, thick, and I bit my lip at the thought of actually getting that inside of me.

“I’ve never had anyone that big before,” I blurted out before I could stop myself and I instantly wanted to kick myself for sound so dumb. He didn’t care about that. Here I was, meant to be having this hot hook-up to get Matt out of my system once and for all, announcing to the guy I was with that I was about as sexually inexperienced as it was possible to be after dating for my entire life. He grinned.

“Oh, yeah?” He remarked, seeming amused by my admittance. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle with you. If you want me to, that is.”

I wrapped my arms around him as he moved closer to me taking his cock into his hand and pressing it against my slit; he spread my lips open with just the head and I felt a twinge of something that could have been nerves or could have been desire deep in my stomach. And then, at last, he entered me.

He pressed his lips to mine as he put himself in me for the first time, soothing the slight shock of him entering me – I had never taken anyone that big before, never felt anything that made me feel that full. My eyes widened as he thrust deep, burying himself to the hilt, and then held himself there for a moment to let me get used to it. I breathed deeply, pulling back from him, pressing him forehead to his and then closing my eyes.

“Good?” He asked, and I nodded. And without another moment’s wait, he began to fuck me.

He went slow at first, moving carefully as though he might break me if he wasn’t too careful, but soon enough he began to pick up a pace as I wrapped my legs around him and drew him in close to me. He felt strange at first – I just wasn’t used to him, that was all, and my body was trying to adapt. But soon enough, he started to feel good. More than good. He started to feel incredible. I hooked my ankles behind his back once more to pull him in close and pressed my face to his neck, inhaling his gorgeous scent and trying to remember every second of this as it unfolded.

I had never felt something like it before in my life. Sure, I had been fucked plenty of times, but it had never felt like this for me, had never driven my eyes to the back of my head and left me craving nothing but more, more of the same, more of him, more of this. I had never felt this urge deep in me, the one that had me shifting closer to him with every chance I got to see if there was just another inside of him I could take inside me. He had me a little crazy and he seemed to know it, smiling against me neck as he kissed that sensitive skin around my throat and tipped me towards crazy. He was going hard now and I was lifting my hips in an attempt to meet him, and before I knew it I was close, closer than I ever been before, and all of a sudden-

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