Booty Call(5)

By: Amy Brent

“I would expect nothing less.”

His eyes flicked down to my lips for a moment.

“Shall we say seven?”

“Seven it it,” I got to my feet. “Where is it you stay?”

“I’ll get someone to pass the address on to you,” he replied, seeming a little surprised by how quickly I acquiesced to this. But then he must have been used to women taking this kind of route with him. He was…he was the whole package, after all. Who wouldn’t have said yes given the chance?

“I’ll see you later,” I flashed him a smile, still not quite able to believe that I was doing this. I got to my feet, and for a moment I was tempted to lean over the desk, to touch him, to inhale the scent of him one last time. But I knew I had to play it safe while we were at work.

“See you soon,” he replied, and I turned around and made extra-sure to swing my hips as I headed back down to the department downstairs. As soon as I was outside and the door was shut, I couldn’t help but shake my head to myself. I had never acted such a vixen in my life, never been drawn to someone the way I was to him – and suddenly, it struck me that that might have been what Freda was warning me about earlier.

Chapter Two

Okay. Okay. I could do this.

I stood outside his beautiful apartment building, and wondered once more what the hell I was doing here. This wasn’t me – I’d hardly had the chance to have fun, casual sex before, dating one guy through high school and then one more through college. I had had sex plenty of times before, but I’d never really craved it the way I was craving it at that moment. I had spent the evening getting myself ready and looking at pictures of him online, tracing the outline of his body with my eyes the way he had done to me earlier in the day. Was I really doing this? Was it a good idea?

I took a deep breath, inhaling a lungful of the cool evening air, and checked my watch again. I was there in plenty of time, never having been even remotely close to late in my life, and now that I was here the butterflies in my stomach were getting so intense I needed a minute to calm them down. But, despite my nerves, I was so excited to get up there and see what came of the rest of tonight. I just… there was something about it. I knew this was inappropriate, that I’d have scolded a girlfriend for doing what I was right now, but I needed to play things a little reckless for a change. With Matt, I had been so careful, trying to keep everything in line and not do one little thing that might land me in even the slightest hint of trouble, and that had blown right up in my face despite my best efforts. So why not see what came of being a little deviant once in a while? I felt seductive and reckless and hot as hell, dressed in a short black dress that I had picked up for mine and Matt’s would-be anniversary. Now, all I wanted was for Nathan to rip it off of me.

I giggled to myself at the thought, and then figured that I was starting to look a little suspicious hanging out outside this apartment for so long. Taking a deep breath, I headed in, and pressed the buzzer to Nathan’s apartment. A few moments later, the intercom crackled to life.


“Hi, it’s Nia,” I greeted him, and realized all at once that I hadn’t told him my name before now. Maybe I should have played it more anonymous. The thought bubbled something to life in my stomach, the thought of hooking up with this guy without so much as giving him a name exciting a part of me I had never noticed before.

“Come on up,” he replied, that easy drawl fluttering around and around in my head. I grinned and danced from foot to foot as I waited for the elevator to get there and then climbed inside. I was so ready for this.

The elevator opened, to my surprise, straight on to his apartment, and my jaw dropped as I looked around the place. Imagine that office of his, except twice as expensive and spread out over a sprawling, gorgeous space lit with giant picture windows that looked down on to the city. A few sculptures were scattered here and there, giving the place some character, but he was nowhere to be found.

“You’re here,” A voice remarked, coming from behind me, and I turned around to find him with a drink in hand making his way over to me. He was in a shirt and jeans, dressed-down but still distinctly gorgeous. There was scotch in his glass and a smile on his face as he looked me up and down, and my heart flipped in my chest once more. Holy shit. This was happening. And, more importantly, there was no way in hell that I wanted to back out now.

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