Booty Call(3)

By: Amy Brent

“Okay,” I nodded, taking the papers from her and heading to the door.

“Oh, and Nia?”

I looked over my shoulder at her expectantly.


“Be careful,” she raised her eyebrows at me and I took a minute to figure out exactly what it is she’s saying to me right now. Maybe the stairs are slippery on the way up or something?

“I will,” I shrugged. “Thanks.”

I headed for the stairs and then to the elevator, the one that would take me right up to the top floor and to the office of Nathan Richards. My heart looped in my chest at the thought. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

I mean, I had imagined it going down – I had thought about meeting someone like him for a long time, the kind of guy who seemed to have everything I’d ever wanted in a dude and display it with such an easy charm that you couldn’t help but kind of fall in love with him. He was successful – obviously, if he was the head of a company like this, one that he’d built from the ground up starting when he had only been around my age – and by all accounts was pretty much the most charming guy you were likely to meet who could actually hold his on in conversations about things beyond just stock prices. So many of them men in this business were just dangerously boring, but Nate…

Not to mention the fact that he was smoking hot. The kind of smoking hot that had even me, in my long-lost post-break-up state, eyeing the pictures that were posted on the company website with a decent amount of thirst in my system. He was slim and lean, chilling in a shirt and jeans in one of the pictures on the site that was clearly intended to make Helios look like an accessible place to work. He had close-cropped dark hair that seemed to shine the colour of deep, dark chocolate in the light, and a sharp, pointed jaw with just a hint of stubble that I knew was there as a style choice and not just because he had forgotten his razor that morning.

I arrived up outside his office and took a deep breath, and realized that I was crushing the papers a little in my hand. I could do this. It was just an errand. Just in and out and I could go back downstairs to work and there would be nothing more to say about any of this. Done and dusted. I lifted my knuckles, but before I could knock, the door opened.

“Oh!” I squeaked, my voice higher than it had ever naturally been in my life before. “Oh. Hi.”

“Hi,” He replied, looking down at me – he was only a few inches from my face, so close that I could see that his eyes were bright blue and so pretty I found myself a little lost in them for a moment. They seemed at odds with the rest of his look, so powerful and masculine, but something about the contrast really worked for me. And for him. I realized I was still just staring up at him and that he was looking down at me with his eyebrows slightly raised, waiting for me to say or do something. I remembered the papers in my hand, holding them up as though they were the password into his office.

“I have these,” I blurted out. “Freda said I should come up and drop them off?”

“Right, okay,” He stepped aside and gestured for me to go in. “Go grab a seat. I’ll be with you in a second.”

I sat down in his office and looked around as he vanished off somewhere – inside, it was exactly how I’d pictured it, sleek and minimal and looking less like a place where he spent most of his day and more like a room streamlined to maximum efficiency. You didn’t get as far as he had in the business world, I guessed, but having a whole lot of pictures of your kids on your desk. I peered around to see if I could spot anything that hinted towards a light side, but there was nothing. Just hard edges and gleaming metal and expensive technology.

He returned and I jumped slightly as he closed the door behind him; he took his seat opposite and reached across the desk to grab the papers straight from my hands. Our skin touched, just for the briefest moment, and I felt this shiver run all the way up my spine, prickling every hair on my body as it went. I blinked. I needed to keep my shit together. This might be the only opportunity I had to have him in a room by myself and I wanted to make a good impression. But my body was drawn to him in a way I had never felt with anyone before – maybe the power, maybe the success, or maybe just the way he looked so damn good in that navy suit that had clearly been cut to his body. Maybe a combination of all of the above.

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