Booty Call

By: Amy Brent


A Dad’s Best Friend Romance

Chapter One



I lifted my head from what I had been so focused on, filling out the form on the desk in front of me to make sure that all the money they’d pulled in from that fundraiser was going to the right place.

“You look so focused,” Freda, the woman who’d found me this position in the first place, grinned at me. “I have to say, I don’t usually find that match too compelling about filling out forms about charitable donations.”

“Yeah, well,” I shrug, waving my hand like it’s no big deal. I wish that I could tell her the truth, that I could finally spill my guts to someone who I knew couldn’t judge me for what had happened, but I had to keep at least the pretense of professionalism here until I got the credits I needed for my final semester. I smiled back, even though I felt as though it wasn’t reaching my eyes.

“Can you give me a minute?” I ask, getting to my feet. “I just need to use the bathroom.”

“Sure,” she nodded. “Hurry back. I have an errand I need you to run.”

“Of course,” I reply, keeping my voice as steady as I could despite the shuddering emotions moving through my body. I made my way through to the bathroom, hurry into a cubicle, and close the door behind me. And as soon as I was in there, I put my head into my hands and prayed that I wasn’t about to let tears fuck up my make-up, the look I’d spent so much time working on before I’d come out to the office today. Telling myself that I at least looked the part then maybe I could convince everyone, including myself, that my heart hadn’t just been torn straight from my chest by what he had done to me.

I blinked a couple of times, gathering myself. No point letting myself get all hung up on him. No point at all. I inhaled deeply, but just when I though I had gotten the better of my emotions they swelled up once more and I felt a tear leak out the corner of my eye. Oh, shit. I dashed it away angrily with the back of my hand and prayed to God that this would be over soon.

The crying jags were still happening regularly enough that they felt more irritating than anything else. I had worked so hard to land this position at Helios Industries, fighting off the interests of at least a dozen of my classmates and talking my way into their charity department so I could put them on my CV.

Maybe that was why it happened? The little voice at the back of my head, the one that seemed determined to make some sense of this one way or another, offered that one up for a change, but I’d heard it before and brushed it away quickly. There was no point blaming myself for any of this. It had already happened and I needed to get over it already.

The day that Matt had come home to our shared apartment and told me the truth about what had been going on between him and that girl he’d tried to assure me a dozen times over he was just study-buddies with, I felt as though someone had reached inside me and snatched my heart straight out of my chest. I knew things had been off between us for a while, that maybe I should have put in a little more effort on the romance front, but I figured he knew it was just because I was so busy and that soon enough things would even themselves out. But no, he told me, this was different.

“I’m in love with her,” He looked me dead in the eye and delivered the killer blow, the one that made me feel as though he was squeezing my ripped-out heart in his hand. I stared at him. I couldn’t make sense of this.

“We need to end this,” he gestured between the two of us, and my jaw dropped open. No. Surely. No. Somehow that possibility hadn’t crossed my mind despite what he was saying. There had to be some way for us to be together despite all of this.

“What?” I gasped, and looked around that apartment, the one that we’d shared for the last year and a half. We’d met at the start of our freshman year and since then we’d been…well, we’d been that couple, the one that stuck together throughout thick and thin, the one that all my friends would tipsily tell me they one day dreamed of being just like. And now that was it? It was over? Before I could…when I couldn’t even…