By: Aubrey Irons

An Excerpt:

His grabs me tight against him, and I melt into him as he growls into my kiss, bruising my lips and sending jolts of pain and pleasure through my whole body as his strong hands wrap around me. He’s pushing us back towards the kitchen area, grinding into my hips and pressing my ass back against the island counter as his lips crash against mine. I’m gasping as his hand slips into my hair, gripping it tightly and pulling it back sharply as his mouth drops to my neck and my collarbone, and then further down to the tops of my breasts. Hands tear at the front of my blouse, actually ripping the buttons off in his hunger to strip me.

He moves his mouth back to my lips, and I’m leaning towards him before he pulls back with a wicked glint in his eyes; “So, are you going to do what I fucking tell you to do now?”

I’m briefly shocked at the roughness and the power in his words before I realize I’m even more shocked at how turned on they have. I’ve never been spoken to like this, and the fact that he’s so dominant has a fever heat spreading quickly between my legs.

“I don’t know,” I sneer out with a glint of sass in my own eyes; “Maybe.” It’s a flat out dare, and I can see the fire spark in his face.

“Don’t test me, Quinn.”

“Oh yeah?” I toss back, biting my lip and feeling my pulse racing through my veins as I feel the thick hardness in his pants pressing hotly against my thigh; “What are you gonna do, spank me, Logan?”

It’s everything I have not to actually moan as I see the truth writ large in the sharp look that spreads across his face; “Try me.”

My breast comes ragged in my lungs and the thundering heat pulsing through my body is threatening to tear me apart as I raise up my chin, defiantly; “You wouldn’t dare,” I whisper.

I gasp as he suddenly spins me around and bends me over the kitchen counter with a growl as he lifts my skirt up and starts to yank my panties down; “Logan-!“


The sudden sting and heat of his palm across my ass has me crying out in shock. His hand lingers on the tingling feeling, teasing the skin there for a second before he draws back and brings it slapping back down across my bare ass again. I cry out again, but this time the thudding of my pulse and the raw desire that floods through my whole body has me melting for him.

Logan Dempsey is spanking me, and as I moan and blush, I realize it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever felt. There’s something insanely arousing about being bent over my kitchen counter like this while this tattooed, cocky, dominant man pulls my panties down and spanks me, and it has me dripping wet for him.

“And now?” He growls out, his voice thick with lust as he leans down to husk the words into my ear. I bite my lip and push back against him, feeling his cock pressing against my bare thigh through his pants.

I shake my head, slowly; “I- I’m not sure.”


The sting of his palm against my hot skin has me writhing against him, moaning as I gasp at the contact. I can feel his finger teasing over the heated, reddened and tender skin there, before he slides them further, down between my legs. I moan loudly when his fingers find my wetness, slipping easily inside as he begins to rhythmically curl them against that perfect place right inside. He leans over me again, pressing his bulge against my thigh as he slides his other hand into my hair and uses his grip to pull my head up.

“Such, a fucking, tease,” He growls into my ear, and when I feel his thumb brush against my ass, I actually whimper as the throbbing waves of pleasure shudder through me.

“Who’s- oh God - who’s teasing now?” I gasp out, pushing back against his fingers that have me teetering on the edge of crashing into an orgasm while maddeningly and purposely keeping me from actually doing so.

His fingers curl deep inside of my wetness, his thumb just teasing my ass, and his hand just pulling my hair enough to make me gasp as his teeth graze over the nape of my neck; “You better ask me nicely then, darlin,” he whispers darkly into my ear.