Cherished:The Mountain Man's Babies(6)

By: Frankie Love

She licks her lips, sitting on this tree trunk, without her top on, and with the covering of the trees, and the burbling creek, it's as if we're protected from the rest of the world in this wooded oasis of our own making.

"I haven't seen you without a shirt since you became... became..." She licks her lips again.

I step toward her, her knees parting, and I stand between them, looking down at this woman I've known for forever. "Became what, Abigail?"

She hooks her thumbs through the belt loops on my blue jeans, her chest heaving in anticipation. "Since you became a man."

She looks up at me then gingerly reaches up, touches my abs, running her hands over the ladder of muscles. I've worked outside for years, staying here so I could make sure she was safe, and all that work has put my body in peak condition. I'm glad she likes what she sees because I goddamn love my view of her.

"Your body is a piece of artwork," she says, biting the corner of her lip in disbelief.

"No, you are the piece of art. I want to see all of you."

She nods but doesn't make a move to stand and take off her skirt. Instead, she unbuttons my jeans, tugs them down, and my cock is begging to be released. Her warm hands are so close to my thick manhood, and it’s throbbing with desire, having waited so damn long for this moment. I've released myself over the years thinking of her creamy skin, of her curvy body atop mine, her pussy filled with my length. I've imagined it, gotten off to it—but this is no daydream. No fantasy. No, this is real.

She pushes down my boxers, and when she does, her chest heaves, her mouth parts, her lips are licked, her eyes flutter.

"James, you are so..."

"You can't keep holding back your thoughts, love. What happened to the girl who could tell me anything? Who knew her secrets were safe with me?"

She opens her eyes wide, swallows. "I'm still here."

I run my finger over her soft cheekbone, lifting her chin. "Tell me what you see."

"I see your cock, so big, so hard." Her face flushes at the dirty words, words that I'm guessing she's never uttered, words I'm surprised she even knows. But before the church went fundamental, we'd go to the mall, watch movies, read books. She may have been sheltered, but even as teenagers, we still had access to the outside world.

"And do you like what you see?" I ask.

She sighs, her shoulder relaxing. "James, I love what I see."

"What does it do to you, when you see my big cock, nice and hard for you?"

"It makes me wet... down there." She lowers her gaze, and I know she's talking about her sweet pussy.

"How wet?" I ask, inching my cock closer to her. I stroke myself and my long cock gets harder still.

"So wet, wetter than I usually get when I think about you."

I groan, stroking myself more, wanting her to touch me, but not wanting to push her. "You think about me?"

She laughs softly, reaching for my length, wrapping her hand around me, and running her fingers over my length, cupping my balls, pre-come releasing at my tip with her gentle touch.

"So many times, James, that I think I've worn out my prayer bench kneeling and repenting."

"But you aren't going to repent for this, are you?"

She shakes her head, her eyes welling up with emotion. "No, no more apologies. I think I'm just realizing how much time I wasted being scared. Missing out on what I wanted because of it."

"I don't want my love to be scared."

"I'm not scared now, but like I said," she says, smiling through her tears, "I am wet. And I want you to see what you do to me."

I raise a brow, my cock at attention, and I know I'm going to fucking explode in her pussy the moment she spreads her legs.

She must understand, and when she dips her head, widening her mouth, licking the come from my tip, my lifelong fantasies come to fruition. Abigail is sucking my cock in the same place we shared our first kiss. She moves her head, her mouth tight around my length. She looks up at me, her eyes filled with pleasure, her mouth filled with my manhood, and she looks so fucking hot—her tits bouncing, her head bobbing and her hands all over me. I know I'm gonna come hard and fast.

"Oh, love," I tell her, knowing I'm close. She must sense this because she moves faster, and I know she must be gagging; no way can she take all of me in her mouth, but she keeps sucking with her lips suctioned around my stiffness. I come in her, hard, and her hands are on my ass, pulling me against her mouth, like she wants more, needs more, demands all of me.