Cherished:The Mountain Man's Babies(5)

By: Frankie Love

Why am I so weak when all I want is to be strong?

"Say yes." He cups my face again, our eyes locked on one another. My body knows exactly what it wants, even though it feels reckless and dangerous. The men on the compound have guns and are vengeful. They don't let people leave without their permission. If we got caught I'd never be able to help my siblings.

But if we don't try what sort of life will they have?

"Do you love me?" he asks.

"Do you have to ask?" I bite my bottom lip, not believing he’s really here, holding my face and choosing me. Still.

"No," he says. "I know you've always loved me. The same way I've always loved you. Love is enough."

Part of me wonders if that kind of thinking is naive: to believe love will solve all our problems... but I want to believe in that sort of power right now. What else do I have?

An old man who will force me into his bed, have his way with me.

I don't want that.

I want James.

"Come with me," he says. "Please."

I lift my chin, looking at the face I memorized as a four-year-old, the face I have always known was mine.

"Where you go, I will follow," I tell him. "But first, kiss me again."

Chapter Four

She says yes, and as she does, it's as if nearly a decade’s worth of weight has fallen from her shoulders. I wrap my arms around her, unable to restrain myself from deepening our kiss, our embrace. Her hands are on my chest, tugging at my shirt.

I want her more than she knows, but I will let the woman I've always loved take the lead. I don't want to push her when she’s vulnerable, but I also know the love we have has blossomed over a lifetime, and damn, we've bided our time.

"I want you in ways you don't know," I growl in her ear. Her hunger is real as she kisses my neck, exploring more of me, returning to my lips and kissing them hard. Abigail may be a fragile flower, but she’s more than that.

The Abigail I fell in love with knew passion, knew the language of love because it was written on her heart strings and then plucked from her guitar every time she picked up her instrument.

"James," she whispers. "I think I know how you want me. And I want you that way too."

She pulls back, meeting my gaze with a sure nod. "When you kissed me when we were fourteen, my body woke up to you... it has never gone back to sleep."

My cock twitches, damn those words are sweet and forbidden and luscious and ours. "All this time you wanted me pressed against you?"

She shakes her head ever so softly. "No, I wanted you pressed inside of me."

"Oh, love," I groan, wanting to strip her here and now, take her under our oak tree, and in the shallow creek, I want to kiss her breasts, see them in all their glory, trace our love on her skin and fill her up and make her whole.

"We've waited long enough," she tells me, unbuttoning her blouse. "I want to ask for your forgiveness, for making you wait so long. I want my body to be an offering, to you." Her blouse drops from her shoulders, revealing creamy skin and a simple white bra covering her breasts.

"Don't say things like that, you have nothing to apologize for. This life of ours, it isn't normal. It's fucked us up in ways we might never understand."

"I've hurt you, though, and I'm sorry." She reaches back and unclasps her bra. She drops it next to her blouse. Her tits are full and big, made for loving. "And I know we can't go back in time, but I can give you what I've always wanted you to have. All of me. So, take it. Take me now."

It's all I need to hear. I've been saving my body for her because it's always been about her. And now I will give her what we both so badly want.

I run my hands over her breasts, two big luscious globes that get me all bothered under the hot sun and blue sky. My cock grows thick as my fingers run over her beautiful nipples, hard under my fingertips. I have dreamt of this moment for most of my life: her in my arms, offering herself to me. It's more than I can goddamn take.

Growling, I tear off my t-shirt, take her blouse, and lay them together on the leafy ground for a makeshift blanket. The soil is soft, and I need her on her back. I need to see all of her at once, then I'll pull her to me and worship her body like the gift it is.