The Men with the Golden Cuffs(8)

By: Lexi Blake

Bridget’s face was bright red. “I am going to cut his balls off with a really crappy pair of scissors. I want him to feel every single moment of pain. After I cut his balls off, I’m going to stomp on them with my best shoes and then feed them to my cat. Wait. I’m not feeding my cat anything fatty and full of itself. She’s on a strict diet. I’ll feed them to that little yippee dog next door. That thing could use the cholesterol. That way I kill two obnoxious birds with one stone.”

“Doyle?” Chris asked, a dark look on his face.

Serena nodded. “I think he just figured out I’m not going to write him a check.”

Bridget shook her head. “And you shouldn’t. He did nothing to help you. He divorced you over those books. He can’t come back now and expect to get half the money. The divorce is final.”

But according to her lawyer, Doyle had the right to file the claim. He seemed to think he could change the law. He wouldn’t win, but he could make her life difficult. Her lawyer thought they were after a quick settlement to make them go away, but Serena wasn’t going to give that man a dime. She would go to court and watch the judge throw out his case.

It all made her ridiculously tired.

She hugged her friends and said good-bye, promising to call if she needed anything. She set the alarm the minute the door closed, sealing herself in for the rest of the day. It was only afternoon, but she would stay here, locked in.

The cops said the stalker hadn’t done anything to her yet. They didn’t get that this man had already changed her life for the worse. She was isolated, utterly alone, and vulnerable.

Her cell phone trilled. Another message. Probably more threats from Doyle.

She pulled up the text.

You can’t tease a person and expect God to forgive you.

She sank to her knees. He had her private cell. She brushed away her tears and called the police. They would tell her the same thing. He hadn’t specifically threatened her. He hadn’t shown up at her house. He used disposable, untraceable cell phones.

There was nothing they could do but make a report.

But by god, she would have her report. Jake Dean and Adam Miles might not choose to take her case, but she would find someone who would. She wouldn’t stop. She wouldn’t lay down for this asshole. She wouldn’t let him take her life. She wouldn’t stop writing because she was scared. She wasn’t giving him an inch.

She was going to fight. Alone if she had to.

Chapter Three

Jacob Dean watched a pretty blonde give him the eye. She wore very little clothing, but that was the nature of Club Sanctum. No one wore much. He was in his leathers and a pair of boots. The blonde—he thought her name was Kallie—wore a leather bustier, thong, and no shoes. The bare feet marked her as a submissive. The tray in her hand marked her as working.

But that never stopped a good Dom. If he wanted, he could play with her. She had a lovely figure, very fashionable. She was slender with graceful breasts and slim hips. Her makeup was perfect and not a strand of platinum blonde hair was out of place.

So why was he thinking about a messy brunette?

He shook his head slightly to let Kallie know he had no interest. She shrugged and moved on.

He knew why he was thinking about Serena Brooks. Because she was far softer than Kallie. She was an adorable mess, with big green love-me-take-me-protect-me eyes. He’d taken a single look at Serena and wanted to take her into his arms and feel her soften against him. He’d wanted to get her in between him and Adam and not stop until one of them was buried in her pussy and the other in her ass.

And he didn’t trust that feeling.

“What has crawled up Adam’s ass and died a horrible death?” Liam’s musical accent brought Jake out of his thoughts.

“He’s pissed at me.” That was an understatement. Adam hadn’t talked to him all afternoon. Adam had shoved him out of his office and locked the door. Adam was having the grown man equivalent of a temper tantrum.

“Yeah, I got that. I asked where you were and he nearly bit my head off. He’s still at the office. What’s going on with that? He never works late.”

Liam was right. Adam was great on a case, but when they were in between, the man liked to play. That was the problem. Adam was already on a case. It didn’t matter that the group hadn’t taken the case yet. It only mattered that Adam was already engaged.