The Men with the Golden Cuffs(2)

By: Lexi Blake

“That’s a beautiful name, Serena,” Adam said, wanting to see if his hunch was correct.

She flushed and looked down. “Thank you.”

Yep. Score one for the team.

Jake looked at him, shaking his head slightly. Adam could almost read his mind.

Client. Stay away.

He smiled back, a slight uptick of his lips to give Jake his response. No way. No how.

He certainly wasn’t going to back away. They hadn’t even taken the case yet, and there was no certainty that they would. It was very difficult to believe the woman in front of him had gotten herself in enough trouble that she would actually need their services. More than likely she wanted to check out a cheating boyfriend. McKay-Taggart didn’t provide those types of services. Adam could happily refer her to a private investigator, and then in a few months, he could call her up and offer her a little solace—ménage style.

Jake looked at her, his eyes fastened to her face. “I didn’t have a reminder about your appointment. I apologize for being late.”

Bastard. He knew damn well she didn’t have an appointment. Jake was pushing her to see if she would lie. Adam sighed. Jake was good at playing bad cop.

Serena didn’t even try to lie. She flushed and stammered a little. “I didn’t have an appointment. I kind of walked in. I’m sorry if I’m inconveniencing you. I really should have made an appointment, but my agent thought it would be okay.” She started to stand.

Jake’s voice deepened, proving to Adam beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’d picked up on the same signs. He only used that voice on submissives they picked up in the clubs. “Sit down, Serena.”

She settled in again.

“We’re not upset. I was simply apologizing for not being here at the start of the meeting. Adam and I are a team. We work together. We usually meet clients together.” Jake leaned on the side of the desk. “We don’t usually have clients who simply walk in off the street. McKay-Taggart doesn’t advertise.”

McKay-Taggart Security worked for a very select clientele.

“I know. I had never heard of you.” She nodded and sank her hand into what seemed like a never-ending handbag. Adam was pretty sure she could have fit the contents of a small house in that bag. She apologized as she searched through it, finally coming up with a small business card. She passed it to Jake. “My agent sent me. I guess she’s worked with you guys before.”

Jake looked at it and then passed it to Adam.

Anderson Literary Agency

Lara Anderson, Agent

There was an address and phone numbers, but he didn’t recognize the name. It didn’t really matter. He would look her up as soon as the client was gone, and he would know the woman right down to what she’d had for lunch. He was damn good. It wouldn’t matter if they took the case or not. He was interested in whoever thought to send clients their way. Usually the government or wealthy corporations were more their style, but he was intrigued at the idea of a single client in need of help.

“So what brings you in today?” He tried to come up with any reason for someone so obviously harmless to need a security company of McKay-Taggart’s level. They wouldn’t come cheap.

She took a deep breath, as though steeling herself to get through the next few moments. “I have a stalker. Sometimes fans joke about stalking an author, but this one is serious.”

Jake’s arms crossed over his chest. “Have you talked to the police?”

“On several occasions. I have the police reports right here.” She shoved her glasses back up her nose before delving into her bag. She came up with several papers, each one slightly wrinkled. She put them down on the desk, attempting to smooth them out. “Sorry. I’m not the most organized of people. My friends keep telling me to get a personal assistant.”

Jake snatched the paperwork before Adam could get a hand on it. His fingers tapped along the desk. He knocked twice and swept his fingers toward Serena. It was his signal for Adam to keep the client talking while he reviewed the data.

Adam was the soft touch, and Jake the hard hand. Adam was all right with that. It usually meant that he got to play first.

“Do you know the identity of this man? Is he an ex?” Adam asked, allowing his voice to go soft and sympathetic.