The Men with the Golden Cuffs(152)

By: Lexi Blake

Her teeth worried her plump bottom lip, but her eyes glowed with pleasure. She'd likely forgotten they were outside, yet, even with the reminder, her need to please over-rode her shyness.

"Come here, Oriana." He sat up and patted his knee. "Sit."

She perched on his knee and folded her arms over her breasts. "Is my punishment over?"

"Punishment?" He pried her arms apart, then arched a brow when she tried to put them back. Her eyes narrowed. She licked her lips. Then lowered her arms to her sides. "Fingers laced behind your neck." When she complied, he wrapped an arm around her waist and scooted her up his thigh. Her small, soft body fit nicely against his big, hard chest. "That wasn't a punishment. I just wanted to look at you."

"Oh." She bowed her head. "So I guess now you'll—"

"Now, we'll have a chat." He watched her chest rise and fall with each rapid inhale, causing her breasts to jiggle. Interesting. The idea of a "chat" increased her anxiety more than the prospect of being punished. That would have to change. "Are you okay with what happened earlier?"

"Sort of." She ducked her head. "As long as I don't think about it too much."

Should I be insulted? After wetting the tip of his finger with his tongue, he traced the pale, brown areola of one breast. Her little wiggles forced him to shift her away from his swelling cock before she crushed it. "And why's that?"

She curved her spine, and her eyes fluttered shut. "Because I liked being fondled by all of you. Once we started, I couldn't care how slutty I might look. But I'm afraid of what will happen tomorrow. We can't keep doing this."

Probably not. But . . . . "There will be plenty of tomorrows. There's only one tonight."

"I know." She hissed in a breath as he circled his fingertip closer and closer to her very hard nipple. Her eyes shot open when he pinched it. "Ouch!"

"Straddle my thighs, Oriana." His jaw clenched as the thick head of his dick rubbed the rough insides of his jeans. "Keep your hands behind your neck, then stay perfectly still. Your punishment should fit the crime. Once you've come a few times, I may show mercy."

The swift way she complied gave him primal satisfaction. Her arousal sweetened the salty sea air. He had all the time in the world, and he planned to use it.