Unexpected Fate(9)

By: Harper Sloan

Her tits had been straining the confines of her small, white tank top since I’d walked in the door. Her nipples were pebbled to firm tips just begging for me to wrap my lips around them. Did she have small nipples that matched her size or would they be large? Are they light pink in color or more tan? Would she taste as good as the promise of her has hinted at when I finally pull them deep into my mouth and tease her with my tongue and teeth?

Yeah. Ever since that moment, I’ve been as hard as steel and ready to pound into her small body.

Yup. I’m in way over my head here—so far over that I’m shocked I haven’t drowned yet.

“Fuck me,” I groan, pressing my palm against my cock, willing it to calm the fuck down.

If her brother—or, worse, her father—were to come in here right now, I have no doubt that I would be put in the hospital with the force of their beatdown.

She shifts, and I look away from Game of Thrones, where the little dude—or “imp,” as she and the girls call him—she is always raving about, is playing with his whore.

Jesus, is everyone getting some action?

After making sure she got her meds, I heated up Mom’s soup and called her brother to see if he would be home soon. Of course he said that he was too busy on his date with the Carver twins to come home and take care of his sick sister. One thing about Nate—he loved his sister, but he loved pussy more.

Axel and Izzy had left for their night for the charity event, the same one my parents and all the other parents from our group would be at. Axel had already planned on being out all night with Izzy, something about a bed and breakfast, so I told him that I would stay here with Dani and make sure she was okay. There is no telling Axel Reid that his adult daughter can take care of herself.

If he had any idea about the thoughts I’ve had about his daughter, there is no fucking way he would have left me alone with her. No. Way.

“Coh,” she moans and moves in her sleep. Her legs shift, and she moans again.

Fuck! How the hell am I supposed to not get messed up over this? I jump off the bed and pace around her room. Looking around, I try to find something to focus on that will help me move past the fact that she is clearly having some heated dream.

Cuddle fuck. What did she call it? A fuggle? I shake my head and wince when my cock swells even further. Fuggle. What in the hell is that supposed to mean, anyway?

Focus, Cohen. Focus on something other than your desire to bury yourself balls-deep in sweet Dani pussy.

I look around her room for anything to form some sort of distraction. Her dresser is full of pictures. There are some of her and my sisters. Some pictures of Maddi and Dani alone. Some of Maddi, the twins, and Dani together. More pictures of her and Liam Beckett—her best friend other than my sisters. My eyes go past the pictures to the canvas paintings she has hanging up around the pale-blue room, and I know without checking that they’re some of Ember’s, Maddi’s little sister. She has a huge chaise lounge-type sofa thing in the corner by her floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook their backyard and lake. It has a worn throw tossed carelessly over the back, and a book has been thrown on the ottoman.

That chair would be the perfect chair to take her on, I muse. I would put her on her knees, facing the back, her elbows bracing her body against it, and take her hard. Goddamn, I could sink myself so deep into her tiny body.

Okay . . . Quickly moving my eyes past the chair, I look back at her sleeping form. Her tan skin looks flushed, her full lips are parted slightly, and her chest is rising slowly. Just like an angel, my Dani-girl.

An angel sent from Heaven who is without a doubt always going to be my greatest temptation.

COHEN WOKE ME UP TWICE while I slept to have me take more medicine. I don’t remember much from that night, just that he never was far from my side when I woke on my own and he played with my hair until I was able to fall back to sleep after a good coughing spell. Well, that’s a lie. I remember dreams so vivid that I’m still getting hot and bothered over them.

He was gone when I woke up the morning after, and for once, I didn’t have to wake up to Nate beating his junk with porn on surround sound. It’s been four days of sleeping off and on. Every time I close my eyes, though, it’s all about Cohen.