Unexpected Fate(103)

By: Harper Sloan

Their band mates obviously didn’t share the same bond that Weston and I have with Jamison and Luke. God forbid I ever found myself in a position like that they would band together and the show would go on. Because for us, this is it. This is our future’s promise of a better life and even if for me it’s starting to look like more of a curse than a promise, it’s something that we would die before we gave up.

Unfortunately for me, I’m pretty sure that there are a few people that would love to make that happen.

Who am I?

I’m Wrenlee Davenport, lead singer of Loaded Replay, and I’ve learned the hard way that there is plenty of people in the world that would love to have a piece of me, but they don’t give one shit about the person behind the voice.

They see the persona. The fake me that the record label loves to market as the sexy singer with the voice of a saint, but for me—I’m probably always going to be that stupid little girl that believes that my prince charming will come riding in on his black horse—because really, black horses are so much more badass than white ones—and prove to me that every little jaded piece of my heart is worth loving.

And he will love me for me. For Wren. And not the Wrenlee that has more times than I care to admit has to drink herself stupid just to face this fucking life I’m living.

Yeah . . . fame and fortune is far from everything I ever dreamed it was.

It’s my own personal hell and I pray that there’s something or someone out there that can prove to me that the world isn’t screwed because the majority of humanity is too busy licking the windows on the outside to see the beauty behind it. All they care about is what’s at face value when what matters is skin deep.

I should feel bad for prince charming. My knight in tarnished armor. Because he’ll have one giant battle on his hands to make me believe that there might be someone left out there that doesn’t just want a piece of me.

Release date for Jaded Hearts is tentatively set for early Spring.

TO MY FAMILY—for putting up with me when I get insane and jump into my head for weeks at a time. For putting up with me leaving for Starbucks for HOURS and then not going to bed at night. And to my husband for making sure the kids are still alive when I come out of my head and rejoin you guys.

To my amazing readers.

For your endless support and love for the worlds I bring you.

And the men that dominate them.

For loving my females just as much as you love those sexy alpha males.

And of course, for just being you and putting a smile on my face.

Love that can last a lifetime on carefully placed building blocks.

To my amazing support system, friends, daily motivators . . . you get the point. Ella, Rochelle, Crystal, and Tessa. I would probably die without you ladies. Well, I might not die—but I would be lonely as hell. A HUGE thank you to Ro and Ella for reading UF while I was writing and for all the feedback.

Kelly, Andee, and Felicia. You ladies have become three of my bestestestest friends in the world. I am so blessed for everything you guys do and continue to do.

Ellie—YOU, my dear, rock my world. Not only did you bring me the beautifully perfect models that are 100% Cohen and Dani, but you are an editing queen and I’m so thankful that you took on my world. I can’t wait for many more books to come with you!

Sommer—I’m really not sure what I can say here that means more than thank you. You gave me Cohen and Dani in a way that made me think you were in my head. I adore you.

Stacey—My books would be terribly plain without you. Every little detail and touch that you put into them to makes them shine is phenomenal. I’m so thankful to you and all that you do for me (and my books.)