Pregnancy of Revenge(17)

By: Jacqueline Baird

' Grazie , Charlotte,' Jake murmured close to her ear burying his face in the silken, fragrant mass of her hair for a moment. "That was fantastic.' He smoothed the tumbled hair from her brow. 'I was right, you are some woman.' He eased his heavy body from hers, and from the bed.

'Don't go.' Charlie murmured, reaching out a hand to him.

'Don't worry, I am not going far.' Jake stood, unashamedly naked, looking down at her. 'I am only going to the bathroom to dispense with this and replenish supplies. Unless you would like to do it for me,' he suggested teasingly.

Sprawled on the bed totally naked, she looked dazedly up into his grinning face, registering the black hair flopping over his brow, the smouldering eyes, and the wickedly masculine mouth. He was utterly gorgeous and he was hers. Her eyes roamed leisurely down the naked length of him and only then did the import of his words sink in.

"No, I don't think so,' she squeaked. Of course he had used protection—it was nothing to he embarrassed about, in fact she should be grateful, but it did not stop her blushing scarlet and dragging the sheet up over her naked body.

Jake let out a bark of laughter. "You're incredible—sex on legs and verbal with it, and yet you blush like a schoolgirl.' He shook his dark head. "That is some trick.' And he headed for the bathroom

Charlie didn't know whether to be flattered because he thought she was incredible and sexy, or affronted because he thought her blushing was a trick. If only, she thought ruefully. Blushing was the bane of her life. Perhaps now she was truly a woman the blushing would cease, and that led her to another thought. How come Jake hadn't realised he was her first lover? Not that it mattered; she was quite flattered that he seemed to think she was experienced. She had a sneaking suspicion that if he had known the truth he would not have touched her, and it crossed her mind to wonder how old he was. Mid thirties, she guessed, with a great body. A body she now knew in every intimate detail, à reminiscent smile curved her soft mouth that quickly changed into a triumphant grin. At last she was truly a woman—Jake's woman, she thought, a sense of euphoria sweeping through her. The sheet forgotten, she punched her arms up in the air. "Yes, yes, yes!'

Jake strode hack into the bedroom, a towelling robe tied loosely around his waist, and stopped. With her blonde hair cascading down her back, natural he now knew, and her beautiful face devoid of make-up she was punching the air like some crazed cheerleader when her team scared a goal.

She was the most naturally sexy woman he had ever known, and he was a long way from finished with her yet. But she looked about sixteen, and he found himself grinning. 'Is that yes for me?' he asked with a chuckle, which quickly turned into a shout of laughter as her startled blue eyes swung towards him, and she dived back beneath the covers.

'No. Yes. I mean, maybe ' Charlie babbled, appalled he had caught her acting like an idiot instead of the sophisticated lady she wanted to appear.

'Well, make your mind up, cara,' Jake prompted. I’m hungry ' It wasn't food he had in mind with her beautiful hair spread across the pillow, and her face scarlet with embarrassment he had the oddest urge to protect her—and, as the instant stirring in his groin reminded him every which way.

The thought disturbed him and his heavy brows drew together in a frown. His initial plan had been simply to get Charlotte into bed and then dismiss her. But it hadn't worked out quite like that. With her exquisite body shuddering beneath him, her silken sheath so hot, so tight, the restraint he had imposed upon himself had deserted him completely. A captive to his own desire, he had taken her with a driven power he was helpless to control, and when she had convulsed around him, sobbing his name, he had gone with her, something that rarely happened to him.

Even now he was itching to slip back into bed beside her and start all over again. No wonder Anna had been so besotted with Robert Summerville. If the man had been anything like the natural-born sensualist his daughter was, it was not surprising Anna had become addicted to the man.

Remembering Anna and the way Charlotte had hurt her by refusing to meet her stopped Jake in his tracks. The Charlotte he had spent the day with and just made love to didn't seem to be a selfish bitch, but then experience had taught him women were great deceivers.