A Broken Forever(7)

By: Megan Noelle

I opened my mouth to speak, but my throat was too dry, keeping the questions locked within me. Seconds passed before a nurse entered my room and came to my side.

“Hello Grey, my name is Jennifer, and I will be your nurse today. You’re at Massachusetts General Hospital. You were in a car accident and knocked unconscious, but we were able to get you here and taken care of.”

The accident flashed into my head. Stefan sleeping, me screaming, the car scraping alongside a truck before somehow turning around. The headlights from another car pierced the side of my face as I saw it speeding towards us.

I blinked my eyes a few times, making the image in my head vanish. The nurse’s empathetic look was twisting my stomach in uncomfortably knots.

“Here, will you help her drink some water while I call the doctor?” Jennifer asked my brother, motioning to the water by my side table.

“Of course,” Jayden replied, springing into gear.

“Wait,” I choked out. My voice was soft, but Jennifer stopped and looked my way.

“Yes, dear?”

My eyes clenched shut as I tried clearing my throat. “Where are Stefan and Allie?” I asked, keeping my eyes locked on Jennifer’s face. The ever so slight grimace of her mouth was enough. Something wasn’t right. That explained my brother’s expression, the reason Stefan wasn’t by my side, and the horrible feeling in the pit of my heart.

Oh God, please tell me you didn’t take them home yet. I need them here.

“Let me get the doctor,” she said before turning on her heel and walking swiftly from the room.

I looked to Jayden in time to see him wipe away a fresh tear. His hands shook as he poured a glass of water and as he unwrapped a straw. He avoided my eyes while he worked, finally making eye contact when he brought the straw to my lips.

“What happened?” I asked before letting the cold and refreshing water replenish my mouth. It tasted wonderful, but I could already feel it tightening again as I prepared myself for whatever there was to hear.

Once the glass was empty, Jayden set it down and leaned over me, pressing his lips gently to my forehead. “I’m so happy you’re okay, Grey.”

I looked to the splint on my right arm and knew I wasn’t going to be okay if my family wasn’t. “Jay?” I asked again.

Just as he opened his mouth a crowd of people entered my room. An unrecognizable face that was clearly the doctor, my parents, and on their tail was Stefan. I felt my heart soar as I saw a face I was beginning to fear I would never see again.

“Stef,” I cried out. He came to my side and immediately pressed a kiss to my cheeks and then my lips. My eyes quickly took his appearance into mind and he seemed okay.

“Oh baby…” his husky voice whispered out. I searched his eyes and saw the same fresh tears that were in my family’s.

“Where’s Allie?” I asked, realizing my sweet little girl was the only one not among them. Each person shifted their eyes from me to the doctor.

“Grey, I am Dr. Murray. As Jennifer told you earlier you were in a car wreck. You have a few broken ribs, a broken wrist and a concussion. We’ve been giving you pain medication to help you while you were coming around.”

“Where is my daughter?” I didn’t give a shit what happened to me.

Dr. Murray looked to my mother, even placing a hand upon her shoulder. The others looked her way as if they rehearsed this moment. My always smiling mother stepped closer to my bed while her hands wrapped around my uninjured one.

“Oh Greyson,” she whimpered out. I did nothing but stare at her; I needed to know what was going on. “The wreck was horrible, darling.” Her eyes shifted from my face to my injured arm; her lips puckered as she attempted to hold back the approaching tears.

My father stepped closer, pressing a supporting hand against my mother’s back. “Tell her, Elle.”

I was about to scream; they all knew what was going on and were treating me as if I wasn’t mere inches from them. This wasn’t fair—I was no child—I was a mother that deserved the truth. Yet, no words escaped my dry throat. As much as I needed to know what happened, I knew after I did, there would be no going back.

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