A Broken Forever(4)

By: Megan Noelle

RM: Hello my beautiful girl, will you be coming home right after your meeting with Amy? I’d love to have an early dinner with you since I start my 30-hour shift tonight.

I bit my lip with a sigh. Richard was more regularly known as Dr. Michaels and far too often worked very long shifts. Going home to spend the evening with my fiancé would be the best thing. I knew I was going to miss him terribly, just as I always did, but I couldn’t get myself to buckle the seatbelt and drive away. My heart was still feeling a little raw from the flashback and I knew I needed a little more time to breathe before going home.

Me: I’ll come home ASAP. I need to stop by the salon. Be there soon—xoxo!

As soon as I stepped into Bella Donna, I knew coming here first had been the right choice. Kacie’s bubbly face was the first thing I saw and immediately I smiled back.

“Well, who is this gorgeous creature that has stopped by to grace us with her presence?” she announced, walking away from her station to greet me.

“You are so ridiculous,” I replied with a laugh. Kacie threw her arms around my shoulders and pressed a kiss to my cheek.

“What’s up, lovely? Isn’t Silver Fox home today?” Silver Fox was the name everyone called Richard because, well, it was pretty damn accurate. Combine his silver hair, prominent features, killer body and heart stopping smile, and you’d be lucky to still be standing after he left the room.

“Yeah, he’s home, but I just wanted to stop by to see how things were going.” Kacie’s amusement wasn’t hidden from her eyes. My excuse was pathetic and we both knew it. This place was always just fine in Kacie’s hands when I wasn’t here. Thankfully, she never pried further into my vague responses.

“Things are lovely, but since my client didn’t show up for her appointment and you don’t have any since you never have clients on Fridays, let me play with your hair!” My hand grabbed hold of my long, thick, dark chocolate hair.

“What are you going to do to it?”

Kacie shrugged her shoulders and pulled me to the chair at her station. “I don’t know, but you obviously don’t want to go home right now, so does it matter?”

Okay, so maybe Kacie didn’t have to pry because she always kind of knew something was up anyway. “Guess not,” I said, giving Kacie the reigns to do as she pleased.

Less than an hour later, my hair had been washed, blown out and formed into big Victoria’s Secret model style curls. Kacie even went the extra step of removing my make-up and reapplying colors to my olive-toned skin, bringing out the flecks of green and gold in my hazel eyes. She whipped off the cape, took a step back, and gave a single nod at me.

“Pleased?” I asked with a smirk.

Her shoulders bobbed up in a casual manner. “What can I say…I am a master of hair.”

I burst out laughing before I could stop it. “Well, I love it.” I stood and flipped my hair around to see the dimensions.

“As do I, now go home to your yummy fiancé before I take your place.” Kacie gave me a wink and a quick slap on the bum.

There was no point putting up a fight—she was right, it was time to go see my man. I waved goodbye to the other stylists, gave Kacie’s cheek a peck, and drove home to the second man I ever loved. While thoughts of the first threatened to break through once more.

As soon as I reached the door to our duplex the wonderful smells of Richard’s cooking took hold of my senses. My mouth was watering before I even knew what was brewing in the kitchen. The warmth from the home cooking, smooth jazz music playing throughout the speaker system, and the smile on Richard’s face made me regret not coming home right away. He poured a glass of red wine before walking over to greet me. As yummy as that wine looked in his hand, it didn’t hold a candle to my Silver Fox. Standing a few inches taller than my 5’6, his body was lean but toned to perfection, and his face rivaled that of Clooney. Emerald eyes warmed as he looked over my new do, and when he flashed that beautifully perfect smile, I felt the butterflies in my stomach begin a very active dance.

“There’s my darling, or should I say, my Bella Donna?” Even though Richard didn’t know any Italian, I still melted at the fluidity of just those words.

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