A Broken Forever(140)

By: Megan Noelle

I found it necessary to take a cab since there was no way I would be able to efficiently power a vehicle right now. My body trembled as my palms grew sweaty the closer we got to our destination. A long line of cars waited to drop guests off at the door and it only made my anticipation worsen.

“Looks like this is going to be some night.” The cab driver pointed out.

“Yeah,” sigh. “It will be.”

I paid him my fare before we reached the door and as I was getting ready to get out, he spoke up.

“Good luck tonight.”

“What do you mean good luck?” Was my night’s mission written that plainly on my face?

The driver shrugged. “Don’t really know, but you look really nervous. Figured you must be doing something big in there tonight. You delivering a speech?”

“Yeah, something like that.” It was finally our turn and with an exhaled sigh I stepped a foot onto the concrete.

“Good luck, darling.” The driver said again.

With a wave I smiled. “Thank you.”

At the door a few different workers were busy checking off invitations and guests that had arrived. Apparently this thing was a lot more prestigious than I originally thought. When I reached the entrance I gave my name and without having to flip through many pages, they found my name immediately.

“You’re all set to go, enjoy your evening.”

I made my way in and the way my feet wobbled felt like this was my first time in heels. When I finally walked through the doors into the grand ballroom I was blown away. Beautiful lighting, gold and ivory themed colors everywhere, a dance floor, a band—it was all marvelous. Every single man and woman looked incredible and suddenly felt beyond inadequate being here. Just as I was about to turn right back around and bolt from the building, I saw something that made me stop.

Not just something, I saw him. That beautiful man I had spent the week trying to forget was talking with a few others, but I hardly noticed. Stefan’s eyes caught mine and he stopped carrying on any type of conversation. Everything about him was just downright incredible, from his tailored black on white tux, his black bow tie; the way his hair was done the way I once did it, and that impeccable smile. Even though I was there to break it all off, I still couldn’t help but smile back.

With every step I took towards him, his head shook in complete awe. The subtle gesture of his hand moving to cover his heart made my worries slip away about being here. When I was less than ten feet away, Stefan crossed the rest of the distance to meet me. He took my hands and shook his head as he admired me up close.

“Oh, Grey. There will never come a day when you don’t take my breath away when you walk into a room.”

“Stef…” I wasn’t sure if he knew from my expression what was coming.

“Dance with me, Greyson Rose.”

Before I had a chance to respond he took my hand, curled it around the crook of his elbow and led me to the dance floor. One of Stefan’s favorite songs of all-time, began playing the moment we entered the dance floor.

“The Way You Look Tonight, how appropriate, since you are an absolute vision.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and took my hand in his other. Then we moved. It was just the way I imagined it, us dancing together, wrapped in his arms. It was absolute perfection. I gave into the moment as much as I could but as the song neared its end, I knew I couldn’t keep this charade up any longer.

“Stefan, I came here tonight because I have to say goodbye.” The gleam in his eyes never left as my words came out.

“You didn’t come here to say goodbye, Grey.”

“Why would you think that, Stefan? You told me in order for me to say goodbye and for us both to move on I had to say it to your face.”

His hand released mine as he ran his fingers through my curls. “Yes, you do, but you spent the entire evening preparing to come here. You wouldn’t have shown up at a very public work function if your plan was to move on. You had to see me, because you are much like I am. And despite everything else, you can’t just stay away.”

“Stefan, I…I have to stay away.”

He shook his head, pressing his forehead to mine. “Who says? No one has ever understood us the way we get each other. And no one ever will. The only reason I’ve survived this week is the memory of you in my apartment. The smell of you on my pillow, the thought of you in my shower. I will never let you go, Greyson Rose. And I think in spite of people filling your head with every reason to—you’re never going to let go either.”

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