A Broken Forever(138)

By: Megan Noelle

“When you vowed to love each through good times and bad, for better or worse, you meant it. He left you at the first speed bump in your lives together. What makes you think he’d be there for you this time? He loves you and he wants to fight for you now. You want to know why? Because he sees that some other man is about to take his place. He’s going to lose the best woman that he has ever known. And now he wants to be the man for you.”

“That’s not true.” My meek whisper couldn’t even hold half the conviction of my mother’s words. Everything I feared when it came to Stefan was being put out into the open right now. I have always wondered why now has he decided to fight. Did he let us go because of the tragedy with Allie, or was there a chance it could happen again?

Every single nightmare that had the ability to drive me insane was out, and I couldn’t hide behind it anymore.

“Oh yes it is. Can’t you see it? You run into each other after all these years and he learns you’re engaged. Suddenly, he wants to be the one in your heart again. While he was making his millions, flipping through women like some flip through T.V. channels, you were here. Crying for him, hurting because of him, and moving on without him. You tell me his love is true and I’ll back down right now. But I know just as well as you do, that you can’t swear to any of it. He has already proven to you that he can’t love you the way you need. What more do you need to move on?”

I felt the air leave the room as my panic began to settle in.

“Don’t let Richard go because you haven’t’ learned to move on from Stefan. Richard loves you and he will work through this with you. Far unlike Stefan who ran and drank all that pain away. Tell me something. How many nights did you cry yourself to sleep over him? And how many of those nights did he soothe you back to sleep? Why would you want a man that can’t do the one thing you need him to?”

She pressed a kiss to my tearstained cheek. “I love you, Greyson. Do the right thing. Marry Richard, make beautiful babies together, and know that for the rest of your life you will have him there to comfort you.”

Turning to leave she stopped once more before shutting the door behind her. “Let Stefan go before he takes anymore of your beautiful soul. The time has come for you to move on.”

The door shut and I sunk to my knees. Curling my legs into my chest I cried out endless sobs, and I wondered if I would ever stop. Why did things have to be this way? Why did Stefan have to break my heart all those years ago? I wanted nothing more than to ignore my mother’s words but I just couldn’t. I loved Stefan, from the bottom of my soul. He was my other half, my world, my everything. And now I saw no other way but to listen to my mother. I had no choice but to let him go, once and for all.

The buzz of my phone alerted me of a new text and I had to see what it said.

Stefan Harrison: I love you, baby. Come home to me soon, Greyson Rose. I need you.

I clutched the phone to my heart as I tried to hold onto those words. I so desperately wished I could respond back but that twenty minute visit from Leeann Desmond had changed everything. So instead of writing back I went into my texts and deleted the message. Now I just had to find a way to delete him from my heart.

I didn’t leave my house to run to Jayden’s. I picked up my bag and put it back into my room and crawled into bed. I was tired of crying and tired of breaking, especially when it felt like none of it was ever going to end. Richard sent me a message and said he was going to spend the night at a hotel. He would return by noon the next day and if I was still home, we would find a way to work through this. If I was gone, he would know his answer. The one condition he had was if we decide to work it out, I would never be allowed to talk to Stefan again.

Every time I thought about walking away my mother’s words swarmed my strength. Making me remember why I didn’t walk out in the first place. Late that evening when I decided I needed to be here when Richard returned, I sent Stefan a text. I needed to say goodbye, but any time we were near each other it was impossible to walk away. Our love deserved more than a single message but I just couldn’t conjure up the strength to give anymore of myself. This was the way it had to be.