A Broken Forever(135)

By: Megan Noelle

“How did you start talking again?”

“It was a coincidence, honestly. The day I ended up at the hospital with the concussion was the first time I saw him. Since that moment he did everything he could to stay around in my life and I found myself doing the same.”

Richard butted in. “He still loves you.” It wasn’t a question but I clarified.

“I don’t think he ever stopped.”

“And you love him?”

I nodded, slowly; looking to Amy for her support. She reached a hand out and wrapped it around the top of mine. It was exactly what I needed to answer the thing I had been dreading.

“With all my heart. But that doesn’t mean I ever stopped loving you, Richard.”

He reached over and lifted my left hand so all three of us had a clear view. “If that’s so, then where is your ring, Grey? Did you suddenly misplace it after the year or so it has been on your finger?”

This was the first time I realized it wasn’t there. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was at Stefan’s house and from the look in Richard’s eyes, so did he.

“What happened with Stefan last night, Grey?”

“Richard…” He shook his head before I got anymore out.

“No, don’t sit here and try to soften the blow, Grey. I want to hear the goddamn truth. Treat me like an adult for once and let me in. You’re in love with him, he’s in love with you. You purposely hid all of these pieces of your life from me and there has to be a reason why. I’m pretty certain I know it, but I need to hear it from you. So, why don’t you start by admitting what happened last night?”

I looked to Amy and the stunned expression said she hadn’t expected this either.

“I was at Stefan’s house.”

“Yup, and what happened?” The softness that had crept into his face earlier had completely vanished now.

“We…we slept together.”

“How many times?”

“Is that really necessary?” I asked. It was bad enough having this conversation without admitting to him the number of times. Nothing about my answer would heal us and in my opinion there was no point making this hurt worse than it was already destined to.

“Yeah, it is. Tell me.” Seeing this commanding side of Richard wasn’t normal and it was scaring the hell out of me.


He nodded knowing. “Yeah, so, you must have felt so guilty about it. Never wanted to hurt me so you hid him from me. Went out with him, went back to his place and then had sex with him. Twice. Am I missing anything? Did you do anything before yesterday?”

“Yesterday was the first time we had sex since we were together.”

“And there it is. The all too specific wording of what you precisely didn’t do.”

“Richard, I don’t know if this is where the focus should be. Grey has just given a very large piece of herself to you.” Amy chimed in, trying to reign in Richard’s sudden erratic reactions.

“I get that, Amy. But don’t you agree this is a little late? In my opinion, Grey had plenty of opportunities to give me even a slice of the life she once had. She chose not to, until it was all piled on top of her. And now, I want to know it all.” He looked from Amy back to me. “What else happened, Grey?”

“We hugged, and we’ve kissed. It wasn’t every day or anything, but it has happened a few times. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been having lunch together every day at work. Either he comes to the salon, or on Friday’s I’ve gone to his work since I have the day off.”

“For the love of Christ.” Richard wiped his hands over his face and jumped to his feet. “You’ve had an ongoing emotional affair with a man you have never stopped loving.”

“Richard!” I tried to gain his attention but he was already off on a rant that wouldn’t have been stopped even if the building were to suddenly catch on fire.

“Please, let’s calm down and talk rationally about this.” Amy got to her feet and took a step toward me. It didn’t matter that she was a few inches shorter than Richard, her actions were purely protective. I knew Richard would never physically harm me, but Amy was on a mission to save the part of me that was in the most danger—my heart.