A Broken Forever(132)

By: Megan Noelle

“I love you, Greyson Rose. You’re all I’m ever going to want. I need you always, baby.”

And just like that, we came together. Screaming out, squeezing each other tight, and letting the feeling of ecstasy course between us was complete and utterly blissful. I could stay right here, in his arms forever.

After we finished, Stefan served up the pizza he finished making and even though I knew I had to get home, I still managed to fall asleep in his arms.

When I finally awoke it was after midnight and regardless of the comfort of being curled into Stefan, I had to get home. I jumped from the bed as Stefan awoke alert in the process.

“What’s going on, Grey??”

“I have to go! It’s after midnight and I need to get back. I can’t just stay here, Stef.”


I quickly stopped him. “Please,” I pleaded. “I need my clothes and I have to leave.”

He wasn’t ready to let me go just yet and I knew it. Despite that, he left the room and retrieved our clothes from the dryer. As soon as he was back, I hastily began pulling my clothes into place and tried to ignore the heartbreaking expression upon Stefan’s face.

“I don’t want you to go.”

I slid my shirt over my stomach and went to him. Throwing my arms around his shoulders and burying my face in his chest I breathed him in.

“I don’t want to leave, Stef. But I have to. This isn’t the way this should be done. It isn’t fair to you or to him. I need to finalize certain things before we can do anything else.” His arms wrapped tight around my waist as he held on, afraid to let go.

“I’m afraid that you’ll leave here and never come back, Greyson Rose. You belong here. You belong with me.”

Nothing in my mind doubted that, but I had to talk to Richard. He deserved to know the truth and in this moment, it was all I could focus on.

“I’ll be back, Stefan. I swear.”

Releasing him, I headed towards the door when I realized my car wasn’t here. I knew Stefan could drive me home, but I refused to let him tonight. If there were any nosy neighbors that witnessed another man dropping me off in the early morning hours, it wouldn’t be good. My phone was long since dead and that meant I needed his. My chest hurt being here because I never wanted to leave. I would never tell Stefan but a feeling deep in my stomach told me coming back wouldn’t be as simple as I promised.

“Stef, can you please call me a cab?”

“Sure, but I have something for you first.” He picked up an ivory envelope from a stack of paperwork near the door. “You read this, while I call.”

From the envelope I pulled out a beautifully scripted invitation. It was for a charity ball with Stefan’s company as the sponsoring host. The invitation indicated it as a black tie event and it was for this following weekend. My mind wandered freely to the idea of being tangled up in Stefan’s arms, dancing the night away. It was a beautiful picture and I only prayed it could someday come true. I just didn’t know if this was the time.

“They’re on their way.” Stefan announced, tearing my thoughts from my remarkable fantasy.

“Okay, good.” I gave the invitation back but Stefan refused to take it.

“It’s for you, Grey. We have this event every year, we select a new charity and raise as much money for them as we can. A lot of our clients have companies that have a lot of money to spend. It’s a great time but I need you to be there to make it special. It just won’t be the same if you’re not.”

My face fell as I thought up some kind way to say I didn’t know what the future held for us.

“Please, just, don’t say no. You have the invite, I would rather have you there than anyone else. So, if you don’t go, I’ll just be there alone.”

“Stef…” Before I could say anything else his lips were over mine and his tongue forced his way through. That one kiss I gave everything into. I let my heart pour through me so he knew that whatever was to come, that everything I said in this one incredible night was true.

“You better get going, cab will be here any minute.”

I nodded my head and reluctantly turned away to go. The cab was waiting and my entire ride home all I could think about was how I was going further away from my future.