A Broken Forever(131)

By: Megan Noelle

Looking from the door to him, bracing myself for whatever was to come. “What did you do?”

He didn’t answer, instead he pressed the green button on his phone, and the door unlocked. I put my hand on the handle and before I could let my fear overcome my strength, I pushed it open. My hand flew to my mouth. I could hardly believe what I was looking at. Allie’s crib, her dresser, the rocking chair, the mobile, her toys, everything—it was set up in the exact same way it had once been. Tears streamed out as my legs powered me forward.

Hundreds of times in my mind I tried to recreate it. Remember the littlest details of where everything went, how it looked and how it felt, but it was never right. This…this was uncanny. I made my way to that rocking chair and heard the all too familiar squeak as I moved it back and forth.

“How did you do all this?”

Stefan leaned against the doorjamb as he watched me take everything in. “Ryder, the guy who runs the other half of Harrison Towers actually helped a lot. I met him one night during my drunken stupor and he is the one who bust my ass to get my shit together. He isn’t much for talking or anything emotional but he is the one who helped me move my stuff out. I never knew it but he took photos of Allie’s room and when he helped me move this stuff in here he handed me the pictures. All he said was he figured one day I’d need it. Together we set the place up the same way. His sweetheart of a mother helped with the little fine touches, but that’s how.”

My face fell to my hands as hushed sobs raked through me. I never thought I would see these things again and now I felt I owed a man I didn’t know the world. Not to mention, Stefan.

“I refused to let it go, Grey. And despite the plain as day evidence that you were never coming back, I never gave up hope. I knew that one day you’d be back, and together we would come in here and remember. Just know that I never stopped loving you. And I never let our family go.”

It had been wrong to cheat on Richard, but it was even more wrong for me to deny what was right in front of me. Stefan was my past and without a shadow of a doubt, he was meant to be my future. Wiping away my tears I got to my feet and looked at the distraught expression on Stefan’s face. I knew he was worried of how I would respond to what he did and I could think of no better way to show him. As fast as I could I ran across the room and leapt into his arms. He stumbled back a step but caught me and squeezed me tight.

“I love you, Stefan.”

The feeling had been racing through my bloodstream for quite some time. When the words finally came out I knew I would never be able to hold them back again. His fingers dug into my skin as he held me into him. Our hearts pounding, our bodies shaking, and our undying love was the way we were always meant to be. I moved my head back from his, and instantly his lips locked with mine.

The thought of leaving now was far from my conscience as we made our way to his bedroom. His hands pulled at the robe string, letting it fall open to reveal my naked body right down the middle. My skin sizzled with the intensifying gaze from those blazing sapphire eyes.

“I can’t fucking wait.” He muttered before scooping me up into his arms and carrying me to the bed. He laid me down and was immediately right back on top of me. Trailing a line of kisses from my knees to my inner thighs. My body was already thrashing under his touch and he hadn’t even hit home yet. He swiped his tongue a single time between my wet, throbbing lips. I moaned out in protest as he backed away to start again from the other side.

Leisurely tantalizing kisses covered my sensitive skin until he was back between my thighs. Another deliberately slow lick up my center till he reached my clit had me writhing under him. After licking for a moment, stopping, and doing it again, I finally took hold of his head and forced him deep inside. He didn’t waste any more time as he lapped up my wetness, thrusting his fingers in, and rubbing the pad of his thumb against my swollen bud.

“Stef…please! So close!”

“God, I fucking missed this. You taste so damn good.”

“Please,” I begged again. This time he sucked on my clit hard and a deliciously body shaking orgasm ripped through me. I cried out and before I had finished riding it out, I felt him enter me. An animalistic noise rumbled from his chest as he began to move. His cock thrust hard and deep into me and his hands found me and tangled together. We squeezed until there was no more feeling left in them and as our bodies moved together we stared into each other’s eyes. Sweat accumulated between us, and our labored breathing left a symphony of moans echoing around his empty house. And as we reached our climax Stefan’s gaze intensified.