A Broken Forever(129)

By: Megan Noelle

“So badly…I need you so badly, Stef!”

His fingers rubbed my swollen lips making me inhale so hard my lungs burned. I rolled my head back, bracing my hands against his arms for support. The soft feel of his lips brushed against my neck making a pent up moan erupt from my chest.

“Oh baby…you are so beautiful. I’ve fucking missed you so much.” His words added to the heightening pleasure and as he inserted his fingers, rubbing my clit, I came hard. My body shook as my nails sunk into his skin. I wasn’t sure how much begging I would be able to handle as I cried out. But I didn’t need to. Watching me unravel under his touch was all it took for him to hold me against the wall and finally thrust deep into my burning sex.

We screamed out together and before I could catch my breath he was moving in and out. My insides clenched around him, my legs tightened their hold and our bodies moved together. Panting, thrusting, kissing, it was passionate and so unbelievably perfect. Our release was approaching, his cock throbbed and my sex squeezed him hard.

“I love you, Greyson Rose.”

Even though I knew he did, hearing the words again for the first time in many years, pushed me over the edge. I exploded around him his pace quickened pumping just a few more times before he followed. The erotic growl deep in his chest spiked the last few moments of my orgasm, making me dig my nails into his back. He sealed his mouth over mine until his movements slowed and our bodies were spent.

After we regained control he lowered me back to my feet but kept his arms around me. I let my head sink into his chest and as we stood together in our blissful moment two thoughts came to mind.

The first, was it had been too and every single thing about this felt right. The second, was that I was engaged and not to the naked man that I had just made passionate love to.

Stefan rinsed off and told me to stay and shower if I wanted to. He left a towel and a robe on the sink for me. I soaped up my body, and let the scalding water wash it all away. My mind felt disconnected from the rest of my being and an incredible weight of guilt overcame me. I knew what would happen if I came to his house, I kissed him, I desired him, and I loved every minute of it. That was the worst part of this whole thing. Everything I have done since Stefan’s reappearance was wrong but I never made it stop because I wanted it so badly. Now, I had crossed that line I had so persistently reminded Stefan of and there was no going back.

I needed to get out of here. I would race to the hospital and spill everything to Richard. He should have known the second I let Stefan back in but I made sure it never happened. For the first time I could admit that deep in my gut I wanted this to happen. If Richard had stepped in and kept me from him, none of this would have happened. And that was where the problem began. I was so completely wrapped up in being near him again that I never once thought of staying apart for the sake of my relationship. It had all been to protect my heart. It had always belonged to Stefan and I just couldn’t risk the thought of him breaking it again. It was high time I owned up to everything and did the honorable thing—tell my fiancé.

When I shut the water off I noticed all our clothing that was discarded to the shower floor was now gone. Knowing Stefan he was taking care of it but that just meant I had no choice but to dry off and get into his robe. As I stomped from the bathroom I tried to make myself get angry so I could force myself to leave. Despite the fact that the nagging tug in my heart said this was exactly where I needed to be.

“Stefan! Where are my clothes??” I yelled out from the hall.

The sound of bare feet dashing toward me was enough for me to know Stefan heard the rage I tried to have. Seconds later he appeared at the far end of the hallway, black sweatpants hung low on his hips making my center pulse with need at the sight. My eyes focused on those perfect sex lines and suddenly my fury was shining fully at myself.

“What’s wrong, Grey?”

“Where are my clothes? I have to go. I can’t believe I just let that happen! What was I thinking??” The hysterics rose full force in my tone. Stefan put his hands up and carefully walked toward me as if I was a rabid dog backed into a corner.