Putting The Baby In Babysitter

By: Amber Adams

Jerry and his wife needed a babysitter while they attend the company dinner. His hot neighbor Amber seemed happy to help.

When they came home and caught her watching porn in their bed, Jerry’s wife didn’t explode; she told the young woman to keep going. Amber shocked them both when she begged Jerry to make her pregnant.

That changed everything.

Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves intercourse between a man, his wife, and another woman. The plot also involves the willing impregnation of the babysitter. All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen.

Putting The Baby In Babysitter

Jerry Tanner fidgeted with his black bowtie until it looked perfect and nodded in satisfaction at his reflection. He didn’t care for getting all dressed up, but he certainly liked how refined he looked in a suit. The expression on Paula’s face as she stood behind him, stunning in her little black crepe dress and peep toe stilettos, told him she agreed.

His wife wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder. “God, you look so sexy. Why don’t we just skip the awards banquet? I can give you a better prize right now.”

He turned into her embrace and kissed her. “That sounds much more exciting, but my boss already told me that he’d see me there. Besides, the babysitter will be here any minute.”

“Amber won’t mind if I send her home and pay her anyway.” She sighed deeply. “I suppose you’re right. It isn’t every day my husband becomes the employee of the year at a Fortune 500 company. I’m so proud of you, honey.”

He ran his hands up her back, just grazing across her bare skin between her shoulder blades. “Maybe we can slip out a bit early and run back home for some hot, sweaty sex.”

Her smile widened. “You’ve got a deal, mister. I’ll come up with a suitably delicious award of my own over my tasteless chicken jerky dinner.”

The doorbell rang, breaking up their sexy talk. He trotted down the steps in the foyer and opened the front door to find the babysitter waiting for him.

Amber had moved into the neighborhood last year and would be heading off for college as soon as the fall semester began. He was honest enough to admit that was probably the only reason Paula had agreed to hire her to look after Jerry Junior. Amber had the kind of looks that made happily married men drool and made wives volatile with jealousy.

He opened the door and smiled at her. “Good evening, Amber. Thanks for helping us out. Come on in.”

“I’m always happy to help, Mister Tanner. I love little Jerry. Babies are so awesome.” She walked past him and started up the stairs toward the baby’s room.

He couldn’t help himself from standing there and staring at her as she moved. Fuck! She was a living wet dream: long, lean, tanned legs; firm little ass; trim waist; and bouncy, mouthwatering tits. Tonight the lithe blonde wore a white fitted blouse that was just a little too tight for his peace of mind, and a brown plaid mini-skirt that barely covered her fine ass, and thin white cotton panties that peeked out as she walked up the stairs. Her knee-hi socks inspired schoolgirl fantasies about the eighteen-year-old.

He took a deep cleansing breath, closed the door, and followed her up. She’d already taken little Jerry from his crib and was making funny faces at him and talking to him in a high pitched baby voice as he smiled and cooed.

Paula turned her head just in time to catch him taking a second look at the young girl’s outfit. She gave him The Look, then rolled her eyes and shook her head, mouthing men. She returned her attention to Amber. “All the contact numbers are on the fridge and everything’s just like last time. We’ll be home late, if things run on schedule; say around eleven, possibly later. Any questions?”