Sweet Child o' Mine(8)

By: Lexi Blake

Yeah, Sully was going to pay for that.

“Charlie, get out of here.” He didn’t like how shaky Marcy was. And she’d already proven herself entirely incapable of hitting her target.

“It’s fine, Ian.” She didn’t move, merely watched as the chick with the gun pointed it her way.

“Don’t move,” Marcy said, her voice thin and reedy.

“God, Marcy, you’re such a drama queen.” Brie huffed and sat down in one of the chairs and started to look at her nails as though the rest of the action bored her.

“Marcy, honey, why don’t you give me the gun?” Sully asked.

“Wait, it was Marcy?” One of Hoover’s brothers scratched his head and seemed to be trying to the figure the situation out.

“Dude, I thought you slept with her,” the other brother whispered in a too loud voice.

Marcy pointed the gun toward Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. “I only love Brie. I would never sleep with any of you.”

Alex leaned toward him. “You get Charlie and I’ll take down the girl.”

Ian nodded. He had to be careful. Normally he would simply hit Charlie with the force of a steamroller, forcing his body over hers so if a bullet came their way it would take him out instead of her. But her body wasn’t her own. Her body held their babies. His girls. All three of his girls were in danger. His heart pounded in his chest, adrenaline coursing through his bloodstream. Normally he went ice cold in these situations. Charlie was deadly all on her own. His wife could take care of herself, though he preferred to handle the dangerous stuff. She was competent, but she was almost nine months pregnant. God, if anything happened to his girls…

Charlie had died once. Oh, it had all been a ploy in a spy game they’d been playing, but he’d spent five years in hell mourning her. He couldn’t do it again. He couldn’t lose her again and god, he couldn’t lose their daughters. He had a sudden vision of burying all three of them, and it stopped him in his tracks.

“Ian, are you all right?” Alex whispered.

And that was the moment Charlie chose to make her play. Marcy had backed up, moving away from Sully, who seemed to be putting himself between the gun and his star. Unfortunately, it moved Marcy’s back close to Charlie, who had her in a choke hold before Ian could scream. The gun fell out of Marcy’s hand, clattering to the floor.

“Oh, my god. Something’s kicking me!” Marcy said before her eyes closed and she went limp.

Charlie let her drop to the floor and Alex was kicking the gun away before Ian could move. She grinned his way, her hand on her belly. “Ian, the babies just went crazy. I swear to god they could tell we were taking someone down. They’re already helping Mommy take out the bad guys.” She frowned. “Babe, are you all right? You are really pale.”

Ian sat, staring ahead as he tried to get himself under control.

“I think you broke him,” Eve whispered to Charlie two hours later.

“I can still hear, you know.” He hadn’t moved in hours. He was replaying the situation over and over in his brain. The sight of Charlie creeping up on a woman with a gun while she was super pregnant wasn’t one that would go away easily.

The Dallas Police had shown up and hauled Crazy Eyes off to prison. She was about to find out just how damn real Texas was, complete with a prison system where she could totally find a new girlfriend since Brie wasn’t interested. She hadn’t been all that interested in Hoover, who had required a change of pants, either. She had been interested when the press had shown up downstairs.

Derek was going to keep McKay-Taggart’s name out of it so they didn’t become the go-to security firm for douchebag reality stars. Lieutenant Brighton had tried to question Ian, but all he’d managed to say was something about asking Charlie since she was freaking Superwoman and his babies in utero could kick ass.