Sweet Child o' Mine(6)

By: Lexi Blake

“Oh, they will so do it, but then that’s your plan.” Alex started toward the conference room again. “You know she’ll probably end up being your sister-in-law. Your girls will call her Auntie Erin and she’ll teach them how to make homemade grenades or something.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t seem to get rid of anyone anyway, so I might as well minimize the damage. God only knows who Theo would drag home if he wasn’t all moony over Erin. I’m pretty sure Case is going to show up with some chick he scrapes off the floor of a bar. That boy can drink.” He had to smile because the light of his fucking life stepped out of the break room.

Charlie Taggart. The sight of his gorgeous wife made his heart speed up. He knew she was due to deliver their babies in five weeks, but damn he wanted to fuck her long and hard. She was stunning, a freaking super-hot fertility goddess who made his dick stand up and cheer every time he thought about her. She had a grin on her face as she caught sight of him. “Hey, those people from LA are completely insane. They asked for spring water but nothing filtered by modern hands or from any country with a dictator or not approved by Angelina Jolie. They also asked for water without carbs. Seriously. They think water has carbs. We could make so much money off these people.”

It would be a miracle if he survived the afternoon. “How does Chelsea feel about heading to LA for a couple of weeks?”

“Months,” Alex said. “This could take months and Sully has promised to pay top dollar.”

Charlie frowned. “I don’t know that I want to be so far away from my sister after the babies are born. I kind of hate that idea.”

“I’ll figure it out.” If Charlie wanted Chelsea, who was the single least maternal woman he’d ever met, around their babies, then Chelsea would be there. “Maybe this once, Jesse can work with Michael.”

She went on her toes and kissed him. “Thanks, babe. And have you come up with a name yet?”

“Rocky.” It was a joke between them now. “Or Rambo. Hey, maybe you’ll name yours Rambo. I think they’re perfect names for twins.”

She made a vomiting sound and slipped her hand in his as they walked down the hall. “Over my dead body.”

“Is he still doing this? What was it last week?” Alex asked.

Ian saw the conference room up ahead. It was full of Sully’s “cast.” Apparently, it wasn’t Kendalmire’s way to travel with less than an entourage. “Chuck. Girls can be named Chuck.”

“Not if they want to have any kind of a social life. Ian, they’ll be here soon. Mine is Kenzie. Her sister needs a name that wasn’t plucked from an action movie.” Charlie gave him her death stare but it was really softened by the hand on her belly. She smoothed it over as though soothing the babies inside. “We can talk about it after the meeting.”

He stepped inside, and Sully was talking to his people.

“This is all going to be over soon and it won’t disrupt your schedule.” Sully spoke in silky tones, like he was calming down an unruly child. “Trust Mr. Taggart. He’s got a sixth sense about this kind of thing. We’ll have you safe in no time, Hoover.”

Hoover Kendalmire stood at the back of the conference room, his likely expensive loafers tapping against the floor. “My life isn’t safe, Sully. There’s nothing about this life that’s safe, and I’m going to put it all into my music, man. You’ll see. I’m going to be the new Eminem. Except way more attractive and less angry. Why so angry, dude? But seriously, I’m going to be the Eminem of Malibu.”

Sully sighed. “Well, we can get right on that as soon as we get back to California. We’ll be out of here soon.”