Sweet Child o' Mine(4)

By: Lexi Blake

He followed Alex out into the hallway. It was so weird to walk this hallway now. At one point the floor had been damn near empty. They’d really only needed reception, the main conference room, and seven offices, though when they’d first begun, Ian had claimed they only really needed six because Adam was so far up Jake’s butt they should share one.

He still loved giving Adam shit. It was one of the constants in his life.

Back in the beginning they’d closed off half the floor and now he was thinking about buying the floor below him if he could convince those damn lawyers to move out. The back conference room had been turned into a daycare center. Charlie now occupied a corner office where she helped Alex with the administrative stuff and was the chief liaison with clients and the outside world. They’d lost Sean to the culinary arts and the world was a better place for it, but somewhere along the way they’d picked up Simon, Jesse, Phoebe, Erin, and now even damn Tennessee Smith had an office, though he’d put Ten in the back next to the babies so he didn’t think this was a forever thing.

He was a little scared he was going to end up with all of Ten’s former team on the payroll. Since Ten had been disavowed by the CIA for getting too close to a dirty politician, his old team was slowly working their way out and they all ended up at Ian’s office with their hands out. He would send the fuckers away but Charlie kept putting them on the payroll.

“Boss, you can’t be serious.” One of the newbies was marching down the hall, her red hair flying behind her and a look of righteous fury on her face. Yeah, Erin had obviously gotten her new assignment.

“I’m never serious,” he replied. God, he loved parts of his job, and fucking with his employees was one of them.

Especially when he fucked with them for their own damn good.

She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank god. I was hoping it was a joke.”

Alex never fucked with anyone. He was practically Captain America. “It’s not a joke, Erin. You can pick up your tickets with Grace. You and Theo are set to fly out early Thursday. You have a meeting with the security head of the hospital on Monday, so rest up. It’s a long flight and you’ve got a half a day’s layover in Frankfurt. Grace gave you a nice long layover so you don’t miss that flight to Monrovia. Also, since your cover is that you’re an ex-military, down-on-her-luck girl looking for work, we put you in coach. I’m really sorry.”

Ian snorted. Damn, maybe Alex did fuck with the employees. That flight to Liberia was a killer. “But we made sure Theo’s got the seat right beside you. After all, a Master always looks after his precious submissive.”

Erin’s face went a bright red that could have been anger, but unfortunately her T-shirt was thin and that showed the truth. Poor girl’s nipples had gone rock hard and it wasn’t cold in the building.

Really, he should get extra for playing cupid to the clueless.

“Send someone else with me,” she said, her shoulders straight and her feet planted like she was standing at attention. You could take the girl out of the Army, but Erin hadn’t yet figured out how to get the Army out of the girl. “Send me in with Chase or Hutch or Michael Malone. I understand that I’m the only female operative who can handle this mission. Hell, I believe in this mission. I want to take out Senator McDonald as much as anyone, but I don’t think Theo is ready.”

Was that how she was going? “In what way? Is his SEAL training not sufficient? Was his time as a CIA operative too short for your liking? Or is there something else you would like to tell me? Has he harassed you?”

He hadn’t considered that. Theo had been attracted to Erin from the moment he met her. There was sexual chemistry between them, but also his half-brother seemed genuinely fond of her. He tried his damnedest to take care of Erin, though it was obvious she was scared of Theo. But if Theo had been doing something he shouldn’t, Tag would shut that shit down, brother or no.