Sweet Child o' Mine(10)

By: Lexi Blake

He wanted to, but he didn’t dare. She was so close to delivery. She might think she was superwoman, but she was pregnant with twins and he would be damned if he caused her a single moment’s discomfort until she was fully recovered.

Then all bets were off and her ass was his.

And he would still have to deal with the fact that he wasn’t in control. Two small girls would prove that to him once and for all. He couldn’t control those girls. Kenzie and…

One of his babies didn’t have a name yet and he couldn’t come up with one. He’d been joking about Rambo, but he couldn’t for the life of him come up with a name. The one thing Charlie had asked him to do.

“Ian, you’re going to be good at this. Everything is going to be fine. I know you’re scared, and I didn’t make that any better by taking down crazy pants by myself. I think you need to relax. You’ve spent the last several months catering to my every whim and I really need to pay you back for that.” Her hands were close to the fly of his slacks. She was on her knees, that gorgeous mouth of hers trembling. “I need you to top me. I need to know that you still want me. For weeks you’ve been so sweet and so distant. I know I’m big, but I still need you. I need to be more than the mother of your children. I need to be your wife. God, I miss being your submissive.”

And he longed to be her Master. What could it really hurt? If he was gentle, he wouldn’t hurt her.

He twisted a hand in her hair, pulling lightly. He wouldn’t be too gentle. Charlie wouldn’t like that. He pulled just enough to watch her eyes go soft as she began to submit. “You want to play, brat? You want to play after that stunt you pulled? I need you to understand a few things, Charlie Taggart. Your ass is mine as soon as those two girls who are renting move out.”

She bit her bottom lip before running her tongue over it. “What are you going to do to it, Master?”

Fuck. He was going to come before she touched him. He took a tight reign on that unruly and desperate cock of his. She was right. They both needed this. He needed a few moments where he could pretend everything was the same. “I’m going to slap that sweet ass silly. Have you seen some of the new toys I’ve bought for you, my love? Unzip my slacks and take my cock out. You’re going to see to me while I explain how bad it’s going to get for you in a few weeks.”

He let go of her hair and she eagerly moved forward, her hands on the fly of his pants in an instant.

It was one of the things he adored about his wife. She didn’t hold back or prevaricate. She loved playing with him and she didn’t hold back her affection. It was Charlie’s honest need for him that had first broken through his defenses and allowed him to love her openly and with a free heart. God, he fucking loved her.

He was also going to torture her.

His cock popped out as she drew back the band of his boxers. He was already hard as a rock and wanting, but he was going to enjoy this and that meant not shooting off the minute she touched him no matter how much the bastard wanted to. “Lick me. I want you to suck my cock until I tell you to stop, but I swear to god, Charlie, if you’re in pain because of the position, you better tell me.”

Charlie groaned and her only real reply to him was a long lick of her tongue over his dick. Her hand disappeared and he groaned as he felt that soft palm cup his balls. She rolled them lightly as she swiped at his cockhead, licking up the cream he was already producing. His dick was always ready to go where she was concerned.

So fucking good. His wife knew exactly how he liked it. She leaned over, her strawberry blonde hair flowing all around, and she sucked at the head of his cock. He shifted his hips, trying to make it easier on her. She settled in and started to suck his cock in long passes. Pure pleasure swamped him, but he hadn’t forgotten what he promised her.