Arden's Mate(Armageddon Mates Book 4)(3)

By: Hazel Gower

Faith shoved him again. “What are you waiting for? You can save her, all you have to do is bite her, mate her.”

Arden’s wolf came roaring to the surface, howling at him not to lose their mate. This was not how he wanted to mate his soul mate when he found her, but he never pictured her to be human or dying. Taking a deep breath of her orange and passion fruit scent, he leaned down and brushed her hair out of the way. With a prayer to the gods that this would work, he let his wolf out and felt his canines lengthen, and with a groan of frustration at the situation, he bit down on where her shoulder and neck met, breaking the skin and completing the mate bond.

* * * *

Remy screamed as pain unlike any she’d ever experienced ran through her. It felt like her body broke into a million shards of tiny glass and stabbed back into her. The white light that was always hovering on the edges, waiting for her to give in, vanished. Remy felt like she went from floating to crashing back down, and the pain that had slowly been fading as the light took over came back full force.

She tried to move, but a heavy weight was holding her down. Struggling, Remy gave her body a mental check, noticing a pulling on her shoulder. Using all her strength, she turned her head, but it didn’t go far, because a head was on her shoulder. Remy saw pitch-black hair with hooded brown eyes, light tanned skin, and a perfect, handsome jaw, lips, and chin. The man’s mouth was wrapped around her and that was when, like a lightbulb going off, she realized what he was doing. Faith had told her what shifters did to make their mate theirs.

Remy had seen how shifters acted with her friends—possessive, domineering, and all-round controlling. Trying to pull away, she cried out, “No. Don’t.”

Faith came into Remy’s line of sight. She was nibbling her lip and wringing her hands. “I’m so sorry. We had to. You almost died. We had no choice.”

With the last of her strength, Remy screamed and pushed at the man. “Get off me. Get out of here now.” The man licked her shoulder, and Remy growled, “Get the fuck off me.”

He seemed surprised and staggered back. Remy narrowed her eyes on the gorgeous specimen before her. Oh, he was definitely a shifter. He was perfection personified—over six feet tall with a body a Greek god would be jealous of, all muscular and defined. The air around him cracked with authority, power, and strength. He was alpha.

Warm, chocolate brown eyes narrowed on her, and he whispered, “Mine.”

Terror ran through her, and she took big gulps of air.

At that one word Remy became one hundred percent sure of what he’d done…he’d mated her. Remy was now mated to a shifter. Doors seemed to close all around her, and options and choices she thought she had vanished. Blackness clouded her vision and Remy let it take her, but not before she glanced at Faith and knew who had betrayed her.

* * * *

Remy fainted soon after he’d mated her, but not before she made her anger known. Arden now sat in a chair next to her bed and glared at a worried Faith. “Who the hell is she, Faith?”

Faith looked from him back to his mate, her hands wringing the edge of her baggy shirt. “Remy. Your mate is my best friend Remy Morris.”

“Holy shit, Faith. Why the fuck did you not tell me before this?”

“Because this is not how I envisioned you mating. It’s all wrong. The fates hadn’t let you meet yet for a reason. I just didn’t know what it was. I may be psychic, but I only see what they want me to see.”

Arden was pissed off. He had a mate and Faith had known and kept her from him. “How long have you known?” he snarled.

Faith paced back and forth in the small room. “You have to understand that she wasn’t ready. I wanted you to come back from Canberra and get settled in before I told you.”