The Devil in Her Bed(7)

By: Kathryn Thomas

“Well, given that we don’t know what they’re playing at yet, I don’t think it’s safe for you to be on your own. This may well be a personal attack on me, destroying the things that I love. So I need to keep you safe above all else,” John explained, as he looked at his daughter with concern. “Families are typically off limits, but…”

“So, you want me to move in here? Into those dorms you have in the back?” she asked, recoiling at the thought of sleeping in those dank, greasy pits. “No way in hell. Forget it.”

“No, no, that’s not necessary, you can stay at home. However, Asher will be there with you. And everywhere else. At all times.” John grimaced on the inside while outwardly smiling gently. He knew full-well that neither party was or would be keen on this plan.

Jenny’s jaw had dropped. “You got me a babysitter?” She glanced at Asher’s blonde hair and blue eyes again. “A giant Nazi babysitter?”

Asher’s back tensed at her description of him, his hand clenching on his Boss’s shoulder. However, he remained silent, waiting for John’s response.

“He’s not a Nazi. He’s not a babysitter. He’ll be your bodyguard.” He held up his hand, as Jenny moved to interrupt. “That’s all there is to it. It’s happening; you’re going along with it, and you won’t make this difficult for him. If you do, you will be moving into the dorms. Twenty-four seven.”

She dropped her gaze from her father’s intense look. Glancing at Asher, she could tell that he was none too pleased about this arrangement either. This irked her slightly. What did he have to be annoyed about? He’d be living with her in her upscale apartment, eating her organically grown food, coming with her to the most—her thought cut off. How on earth was she going to explain Asher to her friends? Say he’s a boyfriend? She glanced at him again. He certainly was good-looking enough for the part. They might buy that she’d gone for a bad boy. She wasn’t sure how she’d work around him following her around school though. Fortunately, they’d split up for the holidays soon, and maybe this would all be sorted by the end of it.

“Fine. I’ll sort out the details with Ashley on the way back to my place.”

“Asher,” he said with a dry half smile.


Chapter 2

Jenny was silent but impressed on the drive back to her place. Asher had insisted he drive her home, plucking the keys from her hand and opening the passenger door for her before she had chance to realize what had happened. Part of her hoped he didn’t know how to drive a stick, but of course he drove perfectly. Her father’s right hand man, he clearly must have some skills not visible yet. Apparently, knowing how to manually change gears in a car is one of them—despite his head brushing the roof of her Porsche Cayman.

The silence that reigned over them was slightly awkward as they sped along. Asher paid no attention to the posted speed limits. He knew he was a good driver, and he was dancing the car skillfully through traffic.

She handed over her pass card, which he swiped to open the door to the secured garage of her apartment building. She directed him to her reserved spot where he pulled to an easy stop and hopped out to open her door before she knew what was happening. He took her by the elbow and led her toward the elevator, holding her as if she were a senile old lady in need of a guiding hand.

“I am capable of walking by myself, you know. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now,” she snapped, jerking her arm out of his grasp.

“I’m just making sure you stay close,” he responded, dropping his hand but keeping his proximity.