Daddy's plaything(9)

By: Bruce Flores

They both lay there panting, resting. Finally, he withdrew his dwindling manhood and lay beside her. He lit a cigarette.

"Thank you, Daddy, for the wonderful reward," Sherry said. "There's nothing in the whole world like that feeling. I'm sure. Coming is better than anything – anything!"

She cuddled up close and held his soft cock in her hands lovingly. "It's my poker, Daddy, isn't it? You won't put it in any other female's pussy ever, will you?"

"No, sweet," Victor said. "But that works two ways, Sherry. This is our secret and you mustn't let any other man put his poker in your pussy either, right?"

"Oh, no, Daddy," she said. "Never. Never. I just want yours."

Just before he drifted off into a deep sleep, Victor knew that at the moment Sherry meant her vow to remain true to him. She didn't have any idea how tenacious and persistent young men could be with a lovely girl, and Sherry certainly promised to develop into something males would be after. Well, he thought, I'll worry about that later. For now, I have a few years to create the sex slave of my dreams – to prepare Sherry for the inevitable outsiders.


Her father's voice jarred her from her memory of that first night almost four years ago when he had introduced her to sex. "Nice and warm. Not too hot and not too cool. Just the way you like it."

"Thanks, Daddy," she called, examining her body once more in the mirror before turning and padding toward the bathroom. She stuck her toe in the water, testing the temperature. Then she slid into the tub and began soaping the wash cloth for her bath. Daddy went back into the main room and turned on the piped-in music then adjusted the lighting low. A soft version of I Get A Kick Out Of You wafted its way into the bathroom and Sherry began humming as she soaked and scrubbed.

Her father's preparation for lovemaking in the other room brought on the familiar mushy feeling deep within her vagina (she still liked to think of the feeling as mushy even after all these years). Sherry Trent and The Sunbeams, she thought up and coming musical act. The thought pleased her – that and the fact that agent Gil Turner had told her father he thought he could get more money for the act from now on. She sudsed each breast carefully with the wash cloth, appraising and admiring their firmness as she did so. Then, raising her buttocks slightly so that her vagina emerged from the water, she gently let the soapy cloth run up and down the length of her cunt. She let the cloth trail down so that it tickled her rectum at the same time. She liked the feeling of the warm cloth against her genitals and she did it whenever she bathed because it felt good.

"… Still I get a kick out of you," she hummed, washing her legs and stomach now. The thought of Gil Turner reminded her that she was a big girl now and had to be increasingly careful of her father's jealousy. Males were becoming more open in their advances now and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to explain why she wouldn't date any of them. More than any of them Gil Turner was becoming increasingly suspicious of the relationship between herself and her father, because it was with Gil that she had had the only sexual encounter with anyone other than her father.

That had been a little over six months ago. Her father had flown East to attend the funeral of his sister, her Aunt Carrie, and had left Sherry at Lake Tahoe in Gil Turner's care to finish out the engagement there. Her father trusted Gil completely which was foolish because on the very same night he had left Gil had gotten her tipsy on martinis in his room and they had made love. It had been the first time she had fucked with anybody other than her father and, secretly, she had wanted to have sex with another male for a long time anyway. For companion. The martinis had removed all trace of inhibition and she had yielded willingly.

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