Daddy's plaything(8)

By: Bruce Flores

"Does it feel good inside me, Daddy?" she asked, responding with little pelvic thrusts of her own.

"Yes, darling. It's very hot and tight inside your pussy. I hope this reward isn't hurting you. Is it?"

"Oh, no, Daddy," she said. Actually it still hurt her just a little, but it was beginning to feel better all the time. It was a nice kind of hurt now and feeling less painful all the time better… better. "No, it's a wonderful reward, Daddy. Fuck me!"

His poker was really poking now and she knew what he'd meant when he'd said that sticking it in her mouth was almost like fucking a pussy.

She was glad that he had stuck it in her mouth first because she knew now exactly what it was doing down there inside her hole. She could visualize the head poking inside the darkness of bar and getting ready to spurt sperm into her pussy. She imagined it in her mouth again, felt the smooth foreskin slightly bunched up and then unbunching as it poked inward and then unbunching again as it went on the backstroke.

Having it in her mouth had been a good idea because now she understood the mechanics of what the poker was really doing inside her cuntpussy-twat-snatch-hole. She imagined it in her mouth and she could taste it as it kicked her pussy.

Her father transferred his weight now to one side more, so that his left hand was free, and then he began stroking her tingle button as he kicked harder and harder. Boy, he really must be getting ready to shoot his sperm into her, she thought, because he was grunting and holding her bottom hard with his other hand and talking about coming inside her tight little slit… coming… coming…

His fondling her clit made the fuck even better. She felt that she would come the way she had the first time with his mouth as his finger worked on her tingle button. Strangely though, there was another nice feeling, different but very, very nice, beginning way inside her pussy. It was a much deeper feeling and she was sure that it was the plunging poker that was causing it. Suddenly the deeper feeling began spreading, spreading all over her body and it was frightening how good it felt.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy," she began calling very loud, much louder than she wanted to yell and she didn't want to yell at all because the people in the next apartment might hear her but she couldn't help it… it was so good… so wonderful… like nothing she could compare it to. The finger worked on her tingle button, too, and that was bringing on another kind of come at the same time but it was that deeper feeling that was driving her crazy and making her scream now. Finally, the feeling rose to such intensity that she knew she was going to come again, only this time it was two comes she felt one on her tingle button and one far, far inside from the stabbing poker.

"I'm coming now, Daddy," she squealed. "Oh, Daddy, I'm coming now… all over… I'm coming now… two ways… two ways two kinds of comes at once… Ohhhhhhhh, da-ddddd-eeeeeee!"

Victor had been holding back, but he drove savagely into his daughter's tight quiff muff box. Strange that those words that he hadn't taught her entered his mind at the precise instant that he came. It was easily the best, most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. His daughter's long legs locked tightly behind his own and he felt her shudder all over as she reached the heights and squealed, "Daddy, Daddy," over and over again in his ear. It was not only the tightness of the virgin cunt and the gushing slipperiness of her vagina that made it a milestone in his sexual life. No, although he could deny that the mechanics of this copulation were better than anything he had ever dreamed of, he realized that it was the psychological aspect that made this like no orgasm he had ever attained before. It was the fact that he had fucked his own flesh and blood. He had fucked his own virgin daughter! He had fucked his twelve-year-old daughter and now he had years and years of continued fucking with her. He would watch her mature, watch her breasts blossom and her body take on the swell of total womanhood, and all the while he would be fucking her, teaching her every nuance of the sexual act. He would make her his total sex slave to do his bidding whenever and however he wanted. Yes, be would create an inseparable relationship that would make her forever his and only his.

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