Daddy's plaything(7)

By: Bruce Flores

Victor had very long and sensitive fingers as well as long fingernails. He began finger-fucking his daughter, allowing his finger to penetrate farther up her vagina with each thrust of his hand. Expertly, he pressed against the thin partition of flesh that marked her as a virgin.

He felt its resistance, savored the elasticity of the thin partition of flesh, then severed the thin membrane with his fingernail. There would still be slight bleeding, no doubt, but he guessed that this would be the best way to prepare her tight cunt for the entrance of his prick. He had heard that often prior to wedding nights brides visited doctors and had them break the obstacle of their vaginal membranes with a scalpel so as to insure a more trouble-free sexual encounter with their husbands.

"Ouch," Sherry said.

"It's all right, sweet," he said. "Daddy's just preparing you for our kick. It's all right."

"Did you do that to mother the first time, too?" she asked.

"Everybody does it slightly different," he answered, not answering her question directly. Hell, Sherry's mother had probably been kicked a hundred times – maybe a thousand – by the time their wedding night had arrived. "Just relax now while I put my poker inside your pussy."

He spread her legs very wide apart, then raised himself on knees and elbows above her and began running his rigid cock about in her hot honey chasm. Now and then he inserted the head of his member partly into the chasm to prepare her both physically and psychologically for what was to follow.

"Oh, Daddy," Sherry groaned. "You're really going to put your poker inside my pussy, aren't you? I can hardly wait to see how it feels," she said. "Why don't you stick it all the way in so I can feel it way up. Hurry, Daddy, and fuck my pussy!"

"I will, honey," he said. "But you must be patient. I'm preparing you. This is your first time and I don't want to hurt you. It may hurt just a little this first time but from now on it will feel wonderful. I promise. I'll be as gentle as I can. If it hurts you must tell me, all right?"

"All right, Daddy."

Sherry could gradually feel Daddy inching the full length of his poker in her pussy now. He was trying to be gentle and patient, she could tell, but she also sensed that he was anxious to get all of the poker inside her. It was a struggle for poor Daddy, so she decided to help him. She had once seen dogs kicking and she had noticed how anxious the male had been to get his poker in the female and she knew it must be absolute hell for Daddy holding back this way.

She remembered the pitiful look on the male pig's face as he pumped, trying to find the female's hole and then the complete satisfaction and look of fulfillment of the dog once he'd found the hole and stuck it all the way in. Poor Daddy was suffering now and she decided to help him. She reached down and took his poker with her hand and then shoved up hard with her hips so that almost all of his poker went up inside her.

The act proved to be something of a mistake because she suddenly realized that her unfucked hole was very tight and the stab of pain brought tears to her eyes. "Ow! Ow!" she cried.

"You shouldn't have done that, honey," Daddy said. "I was trying to save you pain by putting it in slowly. I didn't want to hurt my baby's pussy. Did it hurt much?"

"Just a little," she lied. "But-but now it's okay. I wanted it all the way in, Daddy. I-I couldn't wait."

Gradually the pain subsided and gave way to pleasure as Daddy slowly began a rhythmic movement with his poker. His hand was on her bottom now and he was shoving his poker all the way up inside her and breathing very hard in her ear. He kept saying, "Oh, my baby, my beautiful daughter. Oh, that beautiful, tight, tight pussy."

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