Daddy's plaything(64)

By: Bruce Flores

"Keep it up and you are going in the lake," Tony said.

"The kids would be half Italian. All of them Agnellos. Their schoolmates would maybe call them Wops."

"Okay, they'd get called Wops."

"And my career would suffer. I'd make less money."

"Your career would suffer and you'd make less money."

"In bed you'd be just an oaf. You'd use me selfishly and I'd just be sacrificing myself. A love object for your pleasure. Also, your peter's too big and you'd hurt me I'd probably develop female trouble and you'd go seek female companionship elsewhere."

"Cut it out, Sherry. I mean it."

Sherry broke into a run along the shore. Tony sprinted after her, but she had a good head start.

"I can't go through with it," Sherry called, laughing over her shoulder. "I can't cook spaghetti. You're just not Mr. Right."

Sherry darted through the trees and began running away from the lake. Tony raced after her. She wasn't all that fast but she was agile. Tricky. Like a chipmunk. It took twenty or thirty yards before Tony could down her. He pinned her shoulders to a bed of pine needles finally and then they lay huffing and puffing staring at each other.

"Now what?" Sherry said. "I could scream, Tony. You know that. Mounted police or somebody would come and rescue me. I'm only sixteen. They'd put you in jail."

"Never mind. Go ahead and scream. I want to get used to Mrs. Agnello's screams. Let me hear it."

"When the curtain goes up tonight you won't be there," Sherry said. "The show won't go on. You'll be locked up in the pokey. Just what do you think you're doing?" His hand was under her blouse. "You can't do this to a minor," she said.

"If I'm going to jail I'm getting my money's worth." Now his other hand was tugging at her hip-huggers, pulling them down.

"You'll get ten years for this, Tony. Don't be a fool, you lustful Italian."

"Statutory rape isn't ten years. They'll find your clothes at my place and know you cooperated."

"I forgot about that. You tricked me into moving my things to your room."

"Now you let the picture, baby. See my plan? See how it all fits in?"

Sherry was practically naked now. Her hand found him and she spread her legs apart just a little. She still feigned a lingering trace of resistance. "Yes, I see now. I-I want to see how it all fits in."

"Good, I thought you might," Tony said. He shifted so that his weight was not pressing so heavily on the future Mrs. Agnello. Agnello men always showed consideration for their wormen. It was a family tradition and he didn't want to break with tradition.

"Ummmm," Sherry said.

Birds, bees and sundry creatures of the forest went about their business paying no special attention to the lovers beneath the trees. One squirrel paused, then moved on. He had better things to do than watch a couple of other living things (even if they were rather large ones) mating on the ground.