Daddy's plaything(62)

By: Bruce Flores

Bruce Morris spoke calmly. "Precisely," he said. "Isn't it true that you told your daughter that you were saving her money for her and investing her earnings for her benefit? That she would be financially well off some day?"

"Well, yes, of course, but…"

"Fine," Bruce said. "We're just formalizing your promise to her, that's all. You did intend to keep your promise to your daughter, didn't you?"

"Naturally." Victor seemed trapped, at a loss of words.

Bruce shrugged as though the matter were simple. "Then simply because you neglected to place her name on her property doesn't change anything one bit. We're simply putting her name on things so that if anything should happen to you, her ownership can be easily established. You wouldn't want Sherry to go through all the legal red tape to determine her right of inheritance if you should become deceased, would you?"

Victor thought for a moment. "I made a will," he said.

"Good, I'd like to see it," Bruce said. "Why don't you sit down and have a drink and then we'll look at the will?"

Victor Redgrave glared at all of them. "So thank you," he snarled and left.

"Daddy never mentioned anything about a will to me," Sherry said.

"That's the reason I pressed him about it," Bruce said. "I doubt if he has one."

They sat talking during breakfast while Bruce finished his third martini. Finally, his food arrived. He was nearly through with his brunch when Victor Redgrave returned, this time with Sheila.

"Sherry," Victor said, "Sheila and I have something to tell you. Right after her parents' funeral – uh – we plan to go to Europe for a brief vacation. When we return we plan to be married."

"Tell them the rest," Sheila said.

"Yes, yes, of course," Victor said. "So you see, I won't be able to act as your business manager any longer. I'll be working with Sheila, trying to make a career for her in show business. I expect great things for her. She has a fine voice and so I'll be acting as her business manager and all around coach."

There was a long, long silence. It seemed incredible that Victor had snared an heiress for a wife on such short notice. Upon learning that, he was practically broke he had managed to finagle a potential fortune in a matter of minutes! Tony and Bruce broker into hysterical laughter and gradually even Sherry joined them.

"What's so funny?" Sheila asked, angry. "Don't you realize that I'm going to become a star? Isn't anybody going to offer congratulations? Oh, I see. It amuses you that a wealthy girl would even bother to achieve stardom. It's true that show people don't count for much among my friends, but I've always been independent."

"Good luck and congratulations," Tony said, and Bruce chorused in.

"Yes, Daddy," Sherry said. "I hope you're both very happy. Be sure and drop me a postcard from Paris or someplace. Goodbye and good luck to you both."

Victor just stood there, as though there were something else to say but he couldn't quite say it. His bride-to-be had already headed for the exit. "Victor, I think we've said quite enough to these people. Now let's go!" she commanded.

"Yes, dear," he said and waved goodbye to his daughter as he back stepped away.

When they had gone, Tony shook his head. "Jesus, if I ever saw two people who deserve each other more I don't remember it. I'm glad he didn't squawk about the money. We could have brought a few other charges against him, too."

"What other charges?" Bruce asked, puzzled.

"Oh, maybe child molesting or…"

"Please, Tony," Sherry interrupted. "I'd rather we didn't go into this any further."

"All right, honey," Tony said, calming himself. "I'm sorry."

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