Daddy's plaything(60)

By: Bruce Flores

Sherry could stand it no longer. She ran from the booth and went down the stairs to her dressing room. Tony entered right behind her. "If that girl's in the audience for my last show I'll-I'll walk off, I swear," Sherry said. "I never saw anything like her in my life…"

"Easy," Tony said. "Obviously she's sick. It's her problem, not yours. Why get yourself upset because she doesn't mourn the loss of her parents? You can't do anything about it, so you might as well accept it." He held her close and tried to console her.

"I guess you're right," she said, nuzzling in Tony's shoulder, "but I couldn't stay in that booth a second longer."

"Look," Tony said. "Sheila said something about having a late snack with your father after the show. If your father does go to her room, I want you to get all your things out of your room and spend the night with me. We should be together when Bruce Morris arrives to look at your papers anyway in the morning. I'll help you move, all right?"

Sherry nodded. "Yes, Daddy will stay with her tonight," she said. "Jesus, she'll probably give him the blow job of the century – in memory of her ma and pa."


"I'm sorry," Sherry said. "I'm not myself." Tony glanced at his watch. "I'm on in just a few minutes. When your show is over I'll meet you at the stage door. Give your usual performance no matter what, understand?"

Sherry agreed.

As she had promised, Sheila watched Sherry's last show with Sherry's father. Then Victor went up to Sheila's room with Sheila as planned. It was nearly two in the morning when Sherry and Tony finished moving Sherry's things to his room in the Alpine Hotel. They did not make love but cuddled close and thought of lawyer Bruce Morris's arrival.

"There's no problem in preventing your father from withdrawing any funds or cashing in stocks and bonds," Bruce Morris said. "We'll put an immediate freeze on everything. Naturally, your father is entitled to, say, ten percent of whatever you've earned since he has acted in your behalf as your business manager. No more. We'll arrange a comfortable allowance for you until you're of age and then you can have the entire sum. These cases are not as infrequent as you might think," Bruce said. "I assure you that the judge's decision in this case is very very predictable."

Bruce Morris smiled confidently, stacking the evidence on the coffee table before him. He was a distinguished-looking man with a pleasant smile and the look of efficiency. In his late forties, be had a ruddy complexion and the beginnings of a paunch beneath his expensive, gray mohair suit.

"Thanks a million, Bruce," Tony said. "That's what she wanted to hear. I appreciate your flying up on such short notice."

Sherry gave Tony's lawyer-friend a kiss. "I feel much better," she said. "I didn't want to seem grasping or selfish, but when I realized Daddy had been lying to me all these years Tony thought I should get help."

"Wait until you receive the bill before you think me," Bruce said, grinning at Tony. "Morris, Blaney, and Abernathy is not an inexpensive law firm. Let's see, there's the cost of plane fare from Tahoe to Los Angeles roundtrip, court costs naturally, and now a three-martini lunch. No use trying to bribe me with kisses young lady. A fee is a fee and…"

Tony slugged Bruce playfully in the stomach and they embraced each other as the three of them went downstairs for lunch. "You didn't know that young Caruso's father here put me through law school, did you?" Bruce said.

"No," Sherry said. "Did he really?"

"Yes, really. Just keep me advised of your whereabouts if you're still traveling around. When things start popping in court I'll want to contact you."

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