Daddy's plaything(6)

By: Bruce Flores

"Men kiss women between their legs, too," he said, "just the way you were doing to my poker. You've been such a good girl I'm going to show you one more secret before I fuck you. This feels wonderful and you should like it very much."

Already Sherry could imagine her Daddy's tongue where his finger now stroked and she could hardly wait to see how this new sensation he described would feel. He kissed her breasts for a while, then began moving his head lower and lower, licking her tummy and belly button and hips and legs with his tongue before he finally began licking her tingle button. Where before there had been only friction, now there was friction plus hot and wet there at the same time!

"Oh, Daddy," she said, running her fingers through his thick hair. "Ohhhhh, that feels soooo wonderful… Oh, Daddy… Daddy… Daddy…"

She spread her legs wider and scooted her heels across the sheet up to her buttocks and began to rotate her pelvis as the hot, darting tongue gently dabbed at her little nub of flesh. "Does everybody do this?" she asked, panting. "It-it feels so wonderful I don't see why people don't just do this all the time."

"Yes, sweet," Daddy murmured, his voice far and muffled sounding as he tried to talk and continue the work with his tongue. "Everybody does it – at least almost everybody – before they fuck."

Victor Redgrave had never enjoyed licking a pussy as much as he now enjoyed licking his daughter's. He had never dined on such a young, delicious cunt – so young, so firm, so tight, so perfectly tasty. He let his mouth take frequent departures from his daughter's clitoris and bathed his daughter's entire seething nest, taking great care to deposit long, cleansing kisses on each cunt lip and probe the little interior lips – he thought of these inner lips as little filets because they were so tender – so that Sherry would know the ultimate in oral delights. As he tongued her tight little anus, she bristled for just an instant, shocked, but then she relaxed once again and let him have his way as she realized that Daddy intended only feelings of pleasure and delight for his daughter. A reward was a reward and certainly Daddy would not do anything unworthy of her.

Just like her mother, Victor caught himself thinking as he thrust his tongue as far as it would go into the channel of her vagina. Christ, Sherry's mother could lie there all day while he licked her cunt. In fact, he sometimes wondered if she didn't prefer to come via his tongue than his prick. She had always said that she enjoyed his oral ministrations no more than conventional kicking, but he had noticed a distinct preference to achieve her orgasms while he was mouthing her rather than fucking her, especially toward the end when her alcoholism had progressed so pitifully.

Now Sherry had slipped into the same kind of trance her mother had once displayed when he licked her pussy. Heredity will out, he thought as he felt her fingers digging into his hair, her hips thrusts increase in tempo, listened to her steady, near-demented wail of ecstasy as his tongue bathed her clitoris and he gulped down great mouthfuls of thick lubricant. Just when he knew that she was ready to come, a somewhat sadistic urge came over him. He decided suddenly to save at least a few delights for their next session. No, he didn't wish to take all the wonder and mystery during their first love bout.

For now, kicking his daughter's tight, young twat; depriving her of her virginity; deflowering her once and for all, would be sufficient. Besides, it had been a long time since he had imbedded his cock in a cunt and he didn't want to ruin her response by making her come with his tongue. Oddly, too, he had never kicked a virgin – who kicked them all, anyway? – and he longed to feel the cunt walls clench his thrusting meat as he probed the secret depths of his own daughter's cunt. Yes, his own daughter! His own daughter! He reveled in the unspeakable vileness of the act he was about to perform. He would make a sex slave of her to do his bidding. Beautiful, beautiful incest… the forbidden luxury of the Gods and the ancient Egyptians… for Victor Redgrave.

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