Daddy's plaything(58)

By: Bruce Flores

"Yes, Sheila," Victor Redgrave whimpered, pumping. "Yes, my precious. It-it feels nice inside you. I like to fuck your cunt."

"Shit!" Sheila ranted. "Any college kid can do better than that. You mean you can't fuck and you can't talk either! That isn't talking."

"I… I want it inside your cunt… I like to stick you, Sheila… I like fucking your ass off, you bitch!" Victor Redgrave said.

"That's better," Sheila said. "Now tell me how you're going to make me a star. Tell me! You're going to see that I sing on the stage just like that asshole daughter of yours, aren't you? Keep fucking my cunt and tell me about it again… kick and talk… stab and tell this innocent little thing you seduced about kicking her cunt and about making me a star!" Sheila raked. Victor Redgrave's back viciously with her long, talon-like nails. "Tell me or I'll make you take it out and I'll kick you right in the balls!"

"You're… you're going to-to be a star, Sheila. I'll make you a big success… I promise… promise… don't make me stop… a star… can't stop now… anything…"

Suddenly Sherry realized that her father seemed, in some strange way, to be deriving pleasure from this sick game Sheila was directing. He must be. He was sensitive, Sherry knew. If he didn't enjoy Sheila's abusive language his erection would have dwindled away to nothing long ago! And yet, there he was, fucking away despite Sheila's unspeakable language and vulgarity and cruelty.

Just then, Sheila's tone of voice changed abruptly, and it was evident, that she was preparing to reach her orgasm. With a few more brief efforts at sadism, she began to moan and pant and plead for Victor Redgrave to "pour it on". Her legs locked tightly around Victor's lower legs and she began pumping rapidly.

"Ohhh… coming… just a few seconds more… coming… wonderful… wonderful… please don't atop… Victor… harder… wonderful lover man… fuck… yes now… now!"

Victor grunted faster too and lifted Sheila's gyrating buttocks high off the mattress, making a kind of platform of her cunt, as he drove hard for his climax and they both reached the heights together.

Sheila's head tossed from side to side as she sobbed now and apologized for the abuse she had subjected Victor to during their sex act.

This post-orgasmic period was in startling contrast to Sheila's early mood. She apologized again and again, explaining that she was "truly sorry" but she could achieve satisfaction only when she belittled and threatened and used the moat vulgar language at her male lovers.

Victor seemed to understand. "Yes, you were getting a little bit out of line there for a while but I assumed you had some hang up you were trying to rid yourself of. You're a most unusual piece of teenage ass, my dear – you can rest assured of that. While I haven't had a great deal of teenage tail I'd say, without any fear of contradiction, that you are indeed an aberrational phenomenon when it comes to kicking. Except when you're performing fellatio and your mouth is full of cock and you can't talk." He tweaked her cheek playful. "You sound like some kind of professor," Sheila said, frowning.

"Really," Victor said, his voice a cultured purr. "Yes, quite possibly I do. Perhaps it's an attempt on my part to counteract your filthy, sadistic language of a while ago. You didn't sound at all like the lady I thought you to be. You sounded more like a common prostitute. No," he said, correcting himself, "on second thought like some perverted freak."

"I'm truly sorry, Victor," Sheila said. Her voice was filled with remorse and she held Victor close begging forgiveness.

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