Daddy's plaything(57)

By: Bruce Flores

"You mean you're not even curious?" Tony reached down and turned the knob and, surprisingly, the door opened. There was no sound coming from inside. "So eager they didn't even lock it."

"Tony!" Sherry whispered. "No. We can't just walk in that girl's mom."

But Tony paid no attention and opened the door. Then they were standing in the living room, which was empty. Sherry started to protest again but Tony held his fingers to his lips and pointed toward the bedroom. Sherry heard sounds then, like voices but not like voices. They were more like moaning and there was the sound of bed springs squeaking. Tony caught Sherry by the wrist and led her toward the door. When they reached the doorway, Tony pushed Sherry back slightly and, still with his finger to his lips, shook his head and pointed at the sight before her. Daddy was kicking Sheila Whitcomb! Fucking her with all his might!

Mouth open, Sherry stared at the spectacle on the bed as though hypnotized. The prim and proper Sheila Whitcomb did not look so prim and not proper at all with her legs wide apart and clawing frantically at her father's buttocks and back as Victor Redgrave's ass pumped hard, driving his cock into her cunt. The two seemed oblivious to everything but kicking. Tony and Sherry might as well have been a mile away. Sheila's eyes were shut tight and both of their voices rose now. Apparently instructors taught more than just foreign languages at the finishing schools the highbrow Sheila had at tended, for she seemed most adept at "kick talk".

"Fuck my cunt off, Victor," Sheila was saying as she thrust her pelvis like a veteran acrobat at Victor Redgrave's plunging ass. Sherry was surprised that suddenly her father's age was more apparent than she had previously noticed. He rode the girl well but the flesh on his legs and rump sagged slightly and quivered as be slammed his meat home. In contrast to the younger, more firm legs that pummeled his backside, he was noticeably an older man. "… Yes, stick it in, you bastard… you dirty cocksucker, mother-fucking son of a bitch, jab… jab… jab… cram it in, up in all the way… yes, yes… kick my ass off… hurt me with your prick… stab my snatch… oh God, yes… that's the way to screw… you know how to fuck a girl's twat, don't you? Nice baby, nice… feels good, huh? You like it between my legs, don't you, you cunt-lapping fucking degenerate? That's what you are, you know that? You're a miserable kicking degenerate! Fuck me harder or I'll kill you!" she screamed insanely. "You rotten bastard. FUCK!"

"She doesn't seem to like your father, does she?" Tony whispered.

Sherry was dumbfounded. She had never beard of ceiling someone vile names while they were making love. She noticed several longstem glasses on the nightstand. "Maybe she just had too much to drink," Sherry said. "I never heard anything like it."

"Bullshit," Tony said. "I've seen chicks like that before. They're a special breed. They like to let out all their hostility toward men when they've got a guy helpless between their legs. Don't talk so loud," Tony cautioned. "Let's just watch and listen. Little Miss Rich Bitch is a real sickee, believe me. I know."

Now Miss Sheila Whitcomb had Victor Redgrave by the hair, her face a hideous grimace as she directed him and abused him. "You can kick better than this, you dumb asshole," she said. "I know you can. Anybody can kick better than this. There, that's better, my nice baby. Keep your hard-on up nice and stiff or I'll rip your balls off, you understand? Like it inside where it's nice and juicy and hot, right? Ummm, so do I like to fuck, baby. Just keep feeding it stiff and straight inside my slit or I'll gouge your kicking eyes out. Right? Right? Answer me you stupid asshole! Answer me or I'll make you take your prick out and you won't be able to come. I'll pretend to give you a blow job and then I'll bite your Goddamn cock off, do you hear? Answer me, you bastard! But keep on kicking while you do…"

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