Daddy's plaything(5)

By: Bruce Flores

Sherry watched, wide-eyed in wonder as the cream burst from her Daddy's jerking prick, spouted up in rapid bursts as he moaned and his face contorted in pleasure. His balls kept moving too, as though they helped to fling the sticky fluid out his poker. His poker became noticeably softer in her hand then as his juice stopped flying up into the air and just oozed out the end down onto her hand and his balls. Instinctively, she dipped her forefinger into some of the liquid and tasted it. "It's sort of tasteless," she said. "It doesn't taste like much of anything."

"Yes, I suppose you're right," Daddy said. He was very much out of breath and he was panting and his eyes were closed.

"Did it feel good?" Sherry asked.

"Coming is the very best thing in the world," he managed to mutter. "For men or women. There's-there's nothing like it – nothing like it. Yea, it felt marvelous."

"Are you still going to put your poker in my pussy?" Sherry asked.

"Yes, sweet, but people always rest for a while before they come again." He lit a cigarette and she stared down at his poker, which had returned to its normal size now. Then she cuddled up close to him and inhaled the masculine scent of his body. She ran her fingers over his eyebrows and his chin and the lines in his face. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," she said. "That was the most wonderful reward you ever gave me. I hope I deserve lots of rewards. I want people to applaud and scream and love the way I sing so you'll give me rewards the rest of my life. I'll make you proud of me. Every night want a reward just like this. Ummmm. You'll see, Daddy. I'm going to make you so proud of me you'll want to give me rewards three times a day. During intermissions even!"

"Yes, I'm sure you will, dear," Victor Redgrave said. "I'm certain you will." Insatiable, he thought, just like her mother – before the booze got to her.

About fifteen minutes later he instructed his daughter to play with his prick, to fondle it lovingly so that she would know how a penis grew and prepared itself to fuck a woman's pussy. Sherry liked the words fuck and screw from the very beginning. They were such descriptive words! Much better than sexual intercourse. While Daddy played with her tingle button again and fondled her titties she caressed his sleeping piker and marveled at the way it grew and stood up so straight and hard, just like a snake. Daddy explained some of the technicalities which created the male erection to her – all about blood filling the tissues inside a poker – but she liked the part where he said that "mainly a poker naturally wants to slip inside a hot, slippery pussy. It knows when a pussy is getting hot and wet and it just naturally wants to go inside there."

"You're right," Sherry said. "My pussy's getting all wet and ready for the poker, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is, my love."

He instructed her to put her mouth over the end of his poker for a moment and kissed it. She did and she could feel his poker get even harder as she did so. Then he told her to move her mouth slowly up and down his thing, just the way she'd done when she'd jacked him off, and she did, that for a while, too. She rubbed his balls, too, and she could tell he liked it. "A girl's mouth feels almost like a pussy," he explained. "I'll let you do that longer some time so that you'll become very good at it."

"Yes, Daddy," she said. "It sure makes your poker nice and stiff. You could even squirt your come inside my mouth, couldn't you?"

"Yes, dear," he said, "but we'll save that for another time when you've got lots and lots of applause."

"All right, Daddy."

Sherry lay there wondering what came next. Pretty soon her father turned off the bedside light and went over and turned on the bathroom light. He closed the door part way so that the room was not bright but so you could still see. "Some things are even better in a sort of dim light," he said, returning and lying once again beside her on the bed. "Lie back down with your legs parted." She obeyed, wondering what be had in mind. She soon found out Daddy began playing with her titties and her tingle button again until she thought – she thought she would come for the second time.