Daddy's plaything(4)

By: Bruce Flores

"Oh, it couldn't feel as good as when you play with my pussy," Sherry said. "Does it really?"

"Yes, it feels just as good," Daddy assured her.

"I know what I'll call it," she said. "It seems to want to push and poke… I'll call it my poker, okay?"

"All right, sweet," Daddy said. "You can call it whatever you want. And you're right. It does want to poke inside you – between your legs. See how big and stiff it gets, and see how wet your pussy gets? Well, that's the way nature made men and women. The poker is supposed to go inside the pussy and it feels better than anything in the whole world."

"Are you going to put your poker inside my pussy?" Sherry asked.

"Yes, dear – pretty soon – but first it's nice to play and do other things, don't you think?"

"Ummmm, yes, it's wonderful playing this way, but I can hardly wait for your poker to poke inside my pussy and feel what it's like."

"You will, love. Just be patient. Oh, yes, there are other words for a pussy, too. Some people call it a cunt or a snatch or a twat. There are lots of nicknames for your hole, just as many as there are for penis. But the real word for it is vagina. Whenever you go to the doctor or anything you must call it your vagina, all right?"

"Yes, Daddy," Sherry said. "Vagina."

Sherry lay there while her Daddy kept rubbing the thing that felt so good at the top of her pussy. He called it her clitoris or clit, but she called it her tingle button. She ran her hand up and down his prick just the way he showed her to, jacking him off as he called it until pretty soon her tingle button got so tingly, she could feel tingling sensations all over her body, like little electric currents, and she shuddered and shook and cried out that the most wonderful feeling she had ever known had happened to her body – all over.

He told her that is normal – the very best part – and that it's called coming. He told her men come too and they squirt white juice when they came and it feels just as good to men as tingling does to women. Almost everybody calls it come, be explained, but the correct word for the love juice is sperm. Sperm makes babies, he said, and it comes from the two balls in the sac beneath his penis. He told her the correct word for balls is testicles.

"Are we going to make a baby?" Sherry asked, a little frightened.

"No, you're not old enough for that yet," Daddy said, "and anyway daddies aren't supposed to make babies in their daughters. That's what I meant when I said that this is our secret. But you've been such a good girl and making the audiences so happy with your singing I thought you deserved this special, secret reward."

"Oh Daddy!" Sherry said. "Yes, thank you, thank you! You're the most wonderful, considerate Daddy in the world. I love you," and she showered him with kisses. "Shall I keep on jacking you off?"

"Yes," he replied. "I'm going to come soon and I think you're old enough now to see what it's like when a man comes. Keep going up and down duly just a little faster."

He turned on his side then and flicked on the bedside light. Then he lay on his back and watched his daughter's hand slide up and down his hard-on under the bright light. "Watch the tip," he rasped. "Pretty soon the sperm will come shooting out the slit at the top."

Sherry leaned closer, curiously inspecting the slit he referred to, waiting for her Daddy to shoot out his sperm. He crossed his ankles then, stiffened somewhat, and began thrusting his hips to meet the motion of her hand. Then he said, "Watch closely, Sherry. It's coming now. It's going to come out. Oh, oh, there it goes… it's coming out now… there… there…"

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