Daddy's plaything(2)

By: Bruce Flores

"Daddy?" she called to her father in the bathroom who was still humming her closing number, the Wabash Cannon Ball, as he prepared to draw her bath. Never taking her eyes from her reflection in the mirror, she heard him turn on the water faucet and the sound of running water.

"Yes, love?" he said.

"Do you think I should start wearing sexier clothes – I mean, see-through tops and things like that? It might, help the act."

Victor exited the bathroom and stood in the doorway, totally naked himself. For a man of forty, he had a remarkably full scrotum and a long, though slightly narrow penis. "For now," he said, "the act is doing fine as it is. More daring costumes would only remove the air of mystery about you, love. Four-thousand a week is four-thousand a week. I think it best that we maintain your present image for a few more years." He ran his dark blue eyes up and down the length of his delectable daughter's body, pleased with what he saw. "Leave everything to me, sweet. Trust me."

"I always have," she said, smiling at him over her shoulder. "Whatever you say, Daddy."

Already she was beginning what she called "the mushies". The mushies came over her boy, making her feel passive and willing and eager whenever it was almost time to have sex with her father, which was often. Ever since she had been twelve and her father had indoctrinated her young body to the pleasures of sex, she felt this same anticipatory tingle run through her body when she was all alone with her Daddy just prior to bedtime. She listened to the water running in the tub and knew that in a few minutes she would be in the hot water and Daddy would be scrubbing her back, cleansing her carefully from head to toe, and then she would wash him too, everywhere, and then they would laugh and fondle each other's genitals before drying and getting into the king-size bed to make love. Fucking Daddy and doing all the beautiful things they did to each other was even better than getting applause on stage because it was their very special secret.

Actually, it was an extra quantity of applause a long time ago – that had led to her first sexual experience with Daddy. Her mother was a hopeless alcoholic and no longer traveled with them, so after the divorce it was just herself and Daddy. They traveled alone then, making a meager living in the lesser clubs across the country. She and Daddy slept in separate rooms then and money was scarce. She remembered vividly that night Daddy had come into her room wearing a shabby robe and slippers and sat down on the bed beside her. She was just beginning to get breasts then and the critics were beginning to call her things like a "remarkably talented young girl" and a "refreshing novelty on the country-western musical scene".

She had broken in a few numbers that night and the audience had responded particularly well. She had even had a standing ovation which had pleased her and made her cry with joy backstage after. Listening to the water running in the bathroom now, her mind raced back to that momentous night when she was twelve.

She was there again and she could hear her father's words dearly, as though he had spoken them only yesterday.

"Well, my darling," he had said, "you proved that you're star material tonight. I was talking to Gil Turner after the performance and he thinks he can get us considerably more money from now on. That means we'll, be staying in better hotels and not having to skimp any more. I think such applause deserves a reward. After all, you're not just a little girl any more."

A first, Sherry had been surprised, even a little shocked, when her father had slipped out of his robe and climbed into bed beside her. But as he held her close, cuddling her and massaging her back as he spoke of the wonderful future that lay ahead for both of them, she loved the warmth of his body and reassuring words and for the first time she had felt truly secure.

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