Daddy's plaything(10)

By: Bruce Flores

The reason she guessed that Gil suspected her relationship with her father was because she had never let him approach her after that single encounter, even when the opportunity presented itself. The reasons for Gil's suspicion had to go even deeper than that though, she knew. Only a fool – and Gil was by no stretch of the imagination a fool – would think that Sherry had not had considerable sexual experience prior to their copulation. The martinis had brought out her skill. She had sucked his cock, fucked him in every imaginable position and uttered every four-letter work known to man on the night of their affair. No, Gil was no fool and since she never dated males he had to guess the origin of her sexual finesse: Daddy and daughter. She had literally fucked poor Gil to a state of exhaustion that night and before staggering to the door to say good night he had said, "Good God, Sherry… I never would have guessed we can't ever breathe a word of this to anybody… ever… it could blow the whole act… kaput… and you know why never a word to – to anyone…"

It was his remark never would have guessed that had provided the clue to Gil Turner's insight. Naturally, her father would have raised hell if he had guessed that Gil had fucked Sherry, but it was the fact that Victor Redgrave had been fucking his own daughter that was the real revelation. If Victor knew that Sherry's agent had screwed his daughter, naturally Gil would be out of the scene. Sherry sensed his fear as she had left his room that night and so she had taken care to establish two important points. First, they would never fuck again. Second, just in case Gil ever decided to use his new-found information as a form of blackmail (to increase his ten percent agent's fee, for example) she would swear that he had raped her. Gil had departed swearing never to utter a word to anybody about anything, fear and shock written all over his plump but handsome features. After that, whenever he was in Sherry's presence, he seemed to stammer a bit, as though he were doing an imitation of Hugh Herbert.

Her departing words to Gil that night had been right to the point and insured his secrecy. She had not co-habited with her shrewd and opportunistic father for all these years for nothing. A few of her father's tactics had rubbed off on her.

But most important, she had learned some thing of extreme importance that night. She had learned that she preferred sex with Daddy to any other male. True, at times she still felt fleeting sexual fantasies regarding other men, but she felt certain that no one but Daddy could totally satisfy her. Nobody but Daddy knew just what she liked in bed and just how she liked it. Nobody but Daddy knew how to use his tongue or vibrator the way Daddy did. No body knew the special words that sent tingles down her spine or how to fuck her so that she could come as many as three or four times in one session. She could not imagine what it would be like to fuck without saying the words dadddeee… dadddeee in a lover's ear. Yes, her Daddy had tutored her from the beginning. In a way, he had shaped the channel of her vagina so that it was a kind of glove, a glove that would fit only the hand of his prick and his prick alone. She hadn't even been able to have an orgasm with Gil Turner that night. Only Daddy could produce those marvelous, exquisite feeling in her body. Dadddee… dadddeee…

"Ready for your back now," Victor Redgrave said, standing naked in the bathroom door.

"Yes, Daddy," Sherry said, aware that her voice was high-pitched. She always consciously spoke in a high-pitched voice to him. Somehow it added to the excitement and secrecy of their incestuous relationship. He liked it, too. She could tell. She wanted always to be his little girl and act out again and again the delicious sexual feelings of that first fateful night so long ago. He always spoke to her patiently and paternally, too. This was a kind of unspoken agreement which they practiced – unless of course they were in the presence of others.

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