Her Purrfect Match

By: Milly Taiden

(BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 3)


“Relax, Alyssa. Gerri really isn’t as bad as you’re thinking,” Tally, her coworker, said to her.

Alyssa Moran added more sugar to her tepid coffee and winced. She didn’t even like that much sugar, but her nerves were all over. Placing the spoon on the plate with a small clink, she moved her hands to her lap. Unable to sit still, she wiped the sweat off her palms on her suit pants.

“I’m not nervous.” Liar! “Mrs. Wilder sounded like a lovely person over email.” A very strange but nice person. She’d asked some stuff Lyss had never been asked before. Ever.

“I know.” Tally chuckled. “Her methods are unconventional, but they work. Look at me.”

Yeah. Look at her. Before Mrs. Wilder had matched Tally with her two men, Lyss had sworn Tally was a man-hater. Nothing good ever came out of her mouth when it came to men. Especially if her ex-husband’s name was discussed. Then one day she showed up with a glow and a smile. Ever since Lyss had seen the change in Tally, she wondered if maybe she wouldn’t have to live the life of a thirty-five year old cat lady with an addiction to National Geographic and buying sex toys.

Unlike what her mother liked to say, Lyss was no prude. She loved sex. She liked it a hell of a lot, but she didn’t want to keep doing it with the wrong men. Getting into a relationship with a loser just because he could rock her world didn’t make sense anymore. Her last live-in boyfriend had the bad luck syndrome. If he got fired he blamed his eternal bad luck. She got so tired of it, she’d finally snapped at him and yelled, “No you dumb fuck, if you don’t go to work, you will get fired.”

And that was the end of that relationship. At least from her end. The moocher had tried to prolong the agony by saying he had nowhere to go. Asking her to please give him another chance. That he’d go find a job and make her proud. Then he went and tried to get her ATM card so he could ‘borrow’ some money.

If she was the kind of person who believed in bad luck, she’d think she was destined to be alone. Lyss was too positive for that. She knew there was a man out there for her. At this point she would take him being human, shifter or dead. Fuck that shit.

“Sorry I’m late girls,” a woman dressed in an impeccable peach suit said, walking toward them.

Mrs. Wilder. Lyss stared, openmouthed as the older woman winked at the waiter passing by.

“Traffic was a bitch, but what can you do, right?” She stopped next to Tally who jumped to her feet and hugged Mrs. Wilder. “Lovely to see you, Tally.”

“Now that I don’t live in the same building I miss you more, Gerri.”

Mrs. Wilder made a dismissive gesture. “Nah. You miss my cakes.”

“That too.” Tally sighed.

Mrs. Wilder turned to her, her gaze piercing and filled with interest. “You must be Alyssa.”

She’d stood at the same time as Tally, so she offered Mrs. Wilder her hand. “Mrs. Wilder—”

“None of that. Gerri. Though Your Matchmaking Highness has a nice ring to it too. But no Mrs. Wilder. I’m still very young for that.” She pulled Lyss’s offered hand and gave her a hug.

That shocked her. She wasn’t used to public displays of affection. Her mother would complain over Lyss’s choice of perfume or body spray so she’d never given her hugs, kisses or kind words in general.

“It’s nice to meet you, Gerri.” She waited until everyone sat down again to follow suit. “Thanks so much for coming.”

Tally grinned. “Okay, now that you have some company, I’m going home early. I’ll see you tomorrow.”