The Reclamation (The Club Trilogy Book 2)(8)

By: Lauren Rowe

I keep at her, doing all the things she loves best. Oh God, I love the taste of her, the sounds she makes. There’s no way I’m letting her take charge of me right now, no way I’m stopping what I’m doing, no fucking way.

She groans loudly. “I want to lick you, Jonas,” she groans out again.

I ignore her. I don’t know why her bossy bullshit always turns me on so much, but it does. I’m in a frenzy right now, reveling in her. Nothing can stop me now.

She moans again. “At the same time, baby,” she breathes.

My eyes spring open. What?

“At the same time,” she says again, shoving herself into me desperately.

Oh, well, that’s something else entirely.

I look up at her from between her legs. She’s lifts her head and smiles down at me, her eyelids at half-mast, her cheeks rosy. She’s got that bad girl look in her eyes I love so much.

“At the same time,” she repeats, trembling. She reaches down and grabs a fistful of my hair. “I want to lick you at the same time,” she whispers, yanking roughly on my hair. “I’ve never done that. I wanna try it. Show me.” She tugs at my hair again, really hard.


“Come on.”

Here I thought I was going to make love to her, slowly, tenderly, whispering my devotion into her ear—and this angel of a woman wants to sixty-nine me? For the hundredth time since that first email from My Beautiful Intake Agent landed in my inbox, I’m in awe of her. She’s not like anybody else.

I crawl over her, my chest heaving, my hard-on straining. She’s spread-eagle underneath me. It’s taking all my restraint not to plunge into her right now.

She licks her lips and nods. “At the same time,” she says again, this time into my lips. “I wanna try it.”

I nod vigorously and kiss her mouth.

She laps at my tongue. “Show me how.” She guides me off her onto my back and grabs my shaft. She leans down like she’s going to suck me.

“No, no, baby, not like that,” I coo softly. My heart is racing. I’m so turned on I can barely contain myself.

She fondles me like she owns me. “How, then?” Her entire body has begun jerking and jolting, she’s so aroused.

“You trust me?” My voice is hoarse.

“Mmm hmm.” She continues touching me.

I remove her hands from me, gently. “I’m too close,” I say. “You can’t... ”

She smiles. She likes pushing me over the edge as much I like pushing her. We’re always at cross-purposes, she and I—too much alike, I suppose.

“You trust me?” I choke out again.

She nods.

“Say it.”

“Yes.” She shudders. “Yes, Jonas, completely. Come on.”

“Lie this way.” I point at the bed, indicating I want her to lie face up across the width of the bed.

She complies, writhing, trembling, ready to go off like a bottle rocket.

I pull her shoulders to the very edge of the bed, until her head is hanging off. And then I stand astride her face, one leg on either side of her head, gazing over the full length of her naked body.

I look straight down. Her face beams up at me from underneath my junk. I almost laugh out loud at the sight of her smiling underneath me. I can’t believe she just asked to do this with me. And now of all times, when the entire world is falling down around us and any other woman would want me to hold her and comfort her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

“Baby, listen to me.” I take a deep breath. “This turns me on—like, it drives me fucking crazy. So let me get going on you first for a bit, ‘til you’re just about to come, okay? Don’t start in on me ‘til you’re almost there, like right on the edge, or else I’m never gonna make it. I can barely get through this, even without you sucking me off, it’s just so fucking hot for me.”