Twice The Growl(4)

By: Milly Taiden

“Good evening, Ms. Barca,” Tom, the door man, said. She forced a smile to greet him, her mind still going over her frustrating family.

He sniffed. It was a common thing with a shifter, the sniffing. She wasn’t bothered by it. Too many times he’d been the one to give her a heads up of a new perfume that didn’t agree with her. So she was more than happy to ignore it.

“Hi, Tom. Have a good night.” She dug into her handbag for her keys. The elevator doors opened up ahead. She hated waiting, so she dashed forward to catch it before it closed.

Once she’d gotten inside, she pressed the button for the top floor where she and Mrs. Wilder lived. The doors were about to close when a hand shot out of nowhere and stopped it.

“We almost missed it,” a deep, rumbling voice said. The voice belonged to a big, bulky, tree of a man with shoulder length hair, wearing a black tee, torn jeans and a biker jacket. Hot damn!

“Sorry about that,” said the man behind him. Holy wet panties. If the first guy, with his big body and rough, rugged looks made her stare, this one made her mute. Almost as tall as the first guy, which meant they were both over a foot taller than her five feet four inches, this man appeared fresh out of a GQ magazine. He wore a white collared shirt with folded sleeves to show his forearms, black slacks and a dimpled smile that made his blue eyes sparkle.

“That’s...okay,” she mumbled.

She forgot all about the elevator and tried to focus on her breathing. The cab was big enough when she was alone, but with those two mountain of men, it felt tiny. Hell, she could feel their body heat closing in on her. And it felt oh so good.

The doors closed. Neither of the men pressed a button. She tried not to gawk, but that was damn hard when the inside of the elevator was mirrors and all she saw was the two gorgeous men wherever she glanced.

She peeked up the biker’s body, from his torn jeans, to the bulge in his pants. Crap. That was a big bulge. She slid her gaze up his chest, to the tattoos crawling around his neck, up to his lips. Lips that were currently curled in a sexy grin. When she reached his eyes, she almost melted to the floor. A bright golden color had taken over them.

“Hi, I’m Theron.”

I must be dreaming. She gulped. “I’m Tally.”

Her attention shifted to tall, blond and sexy. A soft growl sounded from him. She blinked her eyes behind her glasses. Wow. Then it hit her. They were shifters. Both of the men in the elevator with her were also super dangerous. She cleared her throat, her vision not once wavering from blue eyes.

“I’m Connor.”

I’m definitely in trouble. She inhaled sharply. “Hi.”

She hated that she squeaked the word out, but being that close to those two made her feel all kinds of tiny. Even with her big hips and ass, she did not feel like a very curvy woman. Instead, she felt sort of...small, delicate and... What the fuck was wrong with her?

The elevator dinged on her floor. She scurried out. Not once did she take a look back. Ribbons of fire crept over her cheeks. If those guys had any idea that she’d been fantasizing some very indecent stuff with both of them they would probably stop those sexy smiles. What was her life coming to? She hadn’t considered two men sexually at once in...ever! Now she was ready to jump into the arms of a biker and a businessman and beg them to do her every way possible. She opened the door to her apartment and locked herself in. Safety. Her hasty retreat probably made her look like a scared fool, but she really didn’t care. If she spent any more time with those two, she might let something inappropriate come out of her mouth. Nita was right. She definitely needed to get laid. Pronto.


Theron grinned at Connor. They watched the petite and very curvy woman almost trip on her heels trying to get away to the other end of the floor his aunt Geraldine lived at. The scent of her arousal drifted down the hall with the woman. She was flustered but damn was she cute. With her pretty brown eyes, wide behind the black-framed glasses, her long hair in a mass of wild curls and those luscious, pouty lips calling attention, she was way beyond beautiful.