Wait for Me

By: Samantha Chase

Chapter One

If there was one thing that Emma Taylor craved it was a vacation. She wasn’t even overly picky about the destination; it was just an overwhelming need to get away for bit. Glancing at her calendar she knew that she had time coming to her, it was just a matter of picking the time that would work best for her and Mr. Montgomery, Sr.

Sighing, she put the calendar away. It didn’t matter how much she needed to get away, there always seemed to be something coming up around the office that required her attention and for some reason, her boss felt that she was the only one who could handle it. Emma supposed she should be flattered that he held her in such high regard; however, her mental state of mind was slowly getting the better of her. Something had to give and soon.

“Emma, my dear, I am heading out,” William Montgomery bellowed as he exited his office with his wool coat draped over one arm and his briefcase in the other hand. “I’m taking Monica up to the mountains for a long weekend. Do we have everything under control here?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied with a smile. He really was a wonderful man to work for and Emma absolutely adored how he still made time to get away with his wife of nearly 40 years. You didn’t often still see a couple so in love after so many years; Emma’s parents certainly hadn’t been. She quickly caught herself before she got too caught up in her own reverie and returned her attention to her boss. “Everything is fine here; you go and enjoy your weekend and tell Mrs. Montgomery that I said hello.”

“She loved those brownies you sent home with me last week. She asked if you might consider baking some extra batches around Christmas for us.”

“It would be my pleasure.” Baking was more than a hobby for Emma; it was a bit of a passion that she indulged in whenever she had the free time. She knew for a fact that her friends and co-workers appreciated it and that just made her enjoy it even more. “Tell her to let me know when she wants them for and I’ll be sure to get them to her.”

“You’re a treasure, Emma,” he smiled. “Someday you’re going to make some man very happy!” While William was far from being an old man at the age of 65, he sometimes talked like one.

“From your lips to God’s ears,” she said with a wink.

Clearing his throat, William looked around the office and then leaned in toward Emma slightly, his tone of voice dropping to a near whisper. “There’s a project that I’m working on that I don’t really want to involve the boys in just yet,” he began. “A courier will be bringing by some paperwork either tonight or tomorrow so please call me when they arrive.”

It was a bit of a struggle to keep the surprise off of her face. Mr. Montgomery never did anything that didn’t involve his sons. Her curiosity was piqued but she managed to keep it to herself. “Not a problem, sir. I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive.”

“That’s my girl,” he said as he straightened and then looked as if he was carefully considering his next words. “You know, we really are caught up on everything around here so, if you’d like, once the courier comes by with those papers, why don’t you take off?”

Emma was stunned silent. How could he know that she had just been dreaming of a little time off? “Really? But what if he shows up this afternoon?”

“Then leave this afternoon,” he said simply. “Rose is more than capable of covering for you and like I said, it’s not like anything major is going on. It will be fine. You go and enjoy yourself; do something fun. Maybe go out of town for the weekend!”

Oh, if only, she sighed inwardly and then smiled up at him. “I will certainly give that thought some consideration,” she said and was rewarded with one of his infectious grins.